Here are some new launches in make-up and skincare that have caught our eye:

Glow up

Ever thought of giving your face a workout? Me neither. However, wellness facility The Beauty Oasis Spa has a new treatment that lets you relax while your face gets massaged into better shape. Its new GlowinFace facial yoga treatment, founded by Karin Velikonja, tones and sculpts the muscles of the face and over time gets rid of wrinkles, the double chin and even dark circles. The Facial Yoga treatment also works to help improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen production and elasticity. The Glowinface treatment is priced from Dh300 onwards and is available at The Beauty Oasis spa, Ajman.

Skin secret

Marc Jacobs Beauty is the latest make-up brand to venture into skincare with its Youthquake Hydra-full Retexturizing Gel Creme, which has been three years in the making. Not only is this meant to hydrate, it contains a chemical exfoliant that will help break down dead skin cells and leave your skin smoother and brighter. The gel is formulated with 54 per cent enzymatic pineapple water, 5 per cent encapsulated sodium hyaluronate, and antioxidant-rich star fruit and dragon fruit extracts. It is said to be most suitable for normal to dry skin. (Dh240)

Summer vibes

If there’s make-up that comes in a set and allows me to save money, I’m 100 per cent on board. Nudestix’s newest launch, The Arabian Sea kit, has a beachside, summer vibe going for it with face, eye and lip products inspired by the Mediterranean. This seven-piece set includes the brand’s signature mirrored tin (these are so handy!), three new shades of the Magnetic Luminous Eye Color, a Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm, a Nudies All Over Bronze Color Matte and a transparent make-up bag, among other things. It’s perfect for a gift for yourself or a fellow beauty lover. Dh340.

No spots here

The drastic change in weather means my skin instantly starts acting up; cue annoying breakouts. So when I saw this launch by French skincare brand Payot, I was intrigued. The Pate Grise Speciale 5 is packed with ingredients that target those breakouts and zaps them away quickly. It combines salicylic acid — which is especially great at treating blocked pores — essential oil of melaleuca and sulphur. It’s meant to be used as a spot treatment on active breakouts to quickly dry them out and heal them. Pimples, be gone! Dh139.

Woman power

If you’re keen on supporting make-up brands from the region, one to check out is Kuwait’s K7L, which is now stocked at the Faces store in the Mall of Emirates. Created with the women of the Middle East in mind by Areej Sultan Al Essa, K7L has a wide range of top quality and affordable products including lipsticks, foundation and brushes. They also have a nail polish range that is toxin-free and vegan.