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When acid toning meets a bit of innovation, it looks something like the bea Skin Care AHA Rejuvenating Wands. While they are labelled as an at-home skin peel, which sounds quite alarming, they are very gentle on the skin.

What’s unique about this product is the applicator, which looks like an oversized ear bud encased in a plastic container. It all looks very scientific and this method of application turns out to be very handy. The casing opens up easily and the toner-soaked cotton end is then swiped over the skin.

When I first started using the peel, I would feel a slight stinging around the nose and on my cheeks, but it would subside in a few minutes. Other than that, my skin didn’t face any issues adjusting to the acid. The next morning, my skin was brighter and smoother — that’s the magic of an acid.

The wands don’t skimp on the product, so there’s enough of the liquid to go down the neck and anywhere else that might need a little exfoliation, such as a tops of dry hands, rough elbows and the backs of the arms, where those pesky bumps (keratosis pilaris) can sometimes occur. The single-use wands are soaked in 7 per cent glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid, and can be applied twice a week at home.

My only pet peeve is the wastefulness of the packaging. There are lots of acid peels on the market that come in individually sealed foil packets, similar to medical alcohol swabs. The bea Skin Care swabs are ingenious and not as messy to use as a wet pad of cotton, but it means a lot of plastic is used. Other than that it’s a formulation that really works and will help improve skin texture, pigmentation and even acne over time.

Dh304 for a pack of 10 at bea-skincare.com

Mi Rebotica Gelled Rosehip Oil

Another product with good packaging and a great solution to a skincare pet peeve of mine is the Mi Rebotica Gelled Rosehip Oil. Rosehip oil is one of my favourite facial oils, and for good reason — it’s moisturising, helps regenerate and protect the skin, aids in scar reduction and works well even on oily skin. However, its heavy texture is a major put off. It sits on top of the skin and is doesn’t sink it easily.

The Mi Rebotica oil has somehow been turned into a gel that is significantly more user friendly. It works well with other skincare products and does not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. I usually mix it in with my moisturiser for any extra boost of hydration and I wake up with soft, bouncy skin.

The airtight pump container means the oil is not going to go rancid quickly due to exposure to oxygen, and it makes dispensing the product a quick and clean affair. The only downside, which might be an upside for many, is that the oil has added perfume. Pure rosehip oil smells musty and pretty awful, and the addition of fragrance to the Mi Robotica gel has solved that issue.

Sensitive skins can react badly to fragrance, and there are studies that say fragrance is detrimental to skin over time. If you like your skincare to be an all round sensory experience, then maybe the fragrance will not bother you. For me, I like to avoid it. However, this gel fits in so nicely in my skincare routine, especially during the winter, that I’m not ready to give it up just yet.

Dh170 from misspalettable.com