Video grabs showing a man proposing to his girlfriend Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Mystery continues to shroud the YouTube video of a man getting hit by his girlfriend in a mall marriage proposal gone awry as the company widely believed to be behind the alleged drama denied having any knowledge of it.

“Unfortunately we know nothing about this particular video,” a representative of Mondelz International, the parent company of Cadbury told XPRESS.

However, Dubai’s social media circles as well as the mainstream media have hinted that the company could be the one to have commissioned this ‘not-so-sweet’ campaign for their fine dark chocolates, Bourneville.

The video, seen by over 100,000 people worldwide since its first appearance earlier this week, is just a second shy of two minutes and is seemingly shot on a handheld smartphone camera.

Professing love

It starts with a couple walking up to a group of performers inside a shopping centre before, much to the girl’s chagrin, the man takes the microphone and starts professing his love for his supposed girlfriend of three months.

As the musicians begin to play, he goes on to say, “You are my charm, you are my sweetie pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything,” he says, “and I know you find this cheesy, but I want everyone to know, you make me really happy.”

The girl is visibly embarrassed as more and more people gather around. Soon a dark brown toy train passes by with Cadbury’s Bournville and the tag line ‘Not So Sweet’ blatantly emblazoned on it.

As the man drops down on one knee to propose, quoting the Bruno Mars song 'Just the way you are', the girl grabs a ukulele or what looks like a miniature guitar from one of the musicians and smacks him on his head as he falls to the ground.

Was it staged?

And now the argument continues whether the ‘heart-break’ for the man is real or staged.

“Set up. Nobody falls like that after being slapped,” a post read on a social media site while another said, “The girl knew exactly where to pick the guitar from. It’s completely scripted.”

The location of the mall, where it all happened, also remains a matter of conjecture. However, XPRESS understands the video may have been shot in India and not in the UAE after all, as has been reported widely by some sources, including a top British daily.

“This is not shot in Dubai. This is R-City Mall in Mumbai,” alleged a man in a post on a popular page of a social networking site sharing the video that has gone viral.

“It was never shot in Dubai. It’s actually shot in India, most likely Hyderabad. In the video you can see Shopper’s Stop (a popular store in India). Dubai does not have a Shopper’s Stop in any of its well-known malls,” argued another in the forum.