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Of all history’s great thinkers and leaders, Albert Einstein wasn’t exactly top-of-mind when Dubai’s My Second Home luxury pet care resorts were being planned back in April 2015.

But the theoretical physicist nailed the essence of the group’s approach to world class dog and cat care when he suggested that while logic can get us from A to B, it’s imagination that can take us everywhere else.

And while the three My Second Home Founders and General Manager Sean Parker have relied on vision, ingenuity, and resourcefulness to indulge their passion for pet care, they’ve also dared to dream.

As a result of their imagination (and quite a bit of logic!), on any given day the two boarding, day care, grooming, training, and retail facilities offer a truly home-from-home socialising and enrichment experience to 300 adored dogs and 25 cats on behalf of almost 4,000 owners.

The first resort in Dubai Investment Park, is vast and includes the world’s largest indoor free play dog park as well as indoor and outdoor pools and outdoor off-leash recreation areas. Covering 5,800 square metres (the equivalent of around 30 tennis courts), it was opened with a $2.7m investment from Co-Founder Sanjiv Dhiman.

The second, built to meet demand for a replica resort from more northerly dog owners, opened in mid-2021 in the busy Al Quoz area. It offers the same level of professionally managed service and quality but in about half the space. It was part of an additional $10m stepped investment commitment by Dhiman in animal wellbeing, socialisation and enrichment which also includes plans for a third UAE resort as well as the launch of the first My Second Home pet care facilities outside the UAE.

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Attention to detail

“Doing something special for the dogs and cats of Dubai on this scale once, was tricky. But replicating such a big commitment to their welfare more than once, was the real test,” said Dhiman. “Although we’re still learning lessons even after seven years, owners reassured us that we were providing what their dogs and cats needed and so we felt the time was right to cater for the needs of more animals up in Al Quoz.

“Coming off the back of an astonishing summer and with both resorts having been fully booked for Christmas for several weeks, we’re again under pressure from owners to care for even more of the UAE’s dogs and cats and so a third resort seems to make sense. We’re also very excited about offering our luxury services to owners and their beloved pets in some relevant international markets. Our approach seems to suit Dubai’s dogs, so why not share the love overseas!”

Aside from the vast amount of indoor and outdoor recreation and socialisation space that the My Second Home resorts provide, it’s the attention to detail, rigid safety and welfare protocols and commitment to pet wellbeing and enrichment that appeals most to the group’s loyal Members.

“Pet owners tend to know what they want, and they want it consistently,” said Robin Hill. “That’s a big challenge for businesses that set their stall out to provide a world class service — particularly in crucial areas such as pick-up and drop-off. Sure, there are occasional delays — Dubai’s roads are unpredictable. But the key is that as anxious owners, we’re continually informed. And yes — it may not be the cheapest pet taxi service in town. But who cares, because for a pet owner, knowing that the service level will be right every time, is priceless. And that’s the My Second Home difference. They’ve taken the time to understand our family’s needs — and particularly Leroy’s.”

Owner Manal Fahby added: “It’s more of a way of life for Sparky than a day care or boarding facility. And that’s all down to the people. The Reception team, the Handlers, the Trainers, the Groomers, the Managers. They all know exactly how to manage guests on both four legs and two. As Members, when we talk among ourselves, we call it the My Second Home Magic — because the way they get it so right really is astonishing.”