One of Workspace’s unique services is free office space planning Image Credit: Supplied is a Dubai-based e-commerce start-up specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of modern office furniture. It provides custom-made, cost-effective furniture solutions for private and government sectors in the UAE by offering a combination of modern and high-quality local and international brands. is the first company to offer online office furniture customisation and ordering solutions in the UAE with an option to create an instant e-quotation from a user-friendly online platform. understands the unique needs of businesses in and around the UAE, and aims to support them with an unbeatable selection of best-in-class furniture. The convenience of going online to shop, create and purchase various designs of office furniture is too great for most commercial enterprises to pass up.

One of Workspace’s unique services is free office space planning, which is the basis of every project and office furnishing process. Regardless of whether it’s a small or large company office project, preliminary planning and office space planning are important. Everything develops from here, including precise budgets. During the initial planning, information is gathered about goals, objectives, styles, margins, operating measures, job functions, departmental roles, design standards, space needs, office furniture and tools. This information provides an understanding of the company’s needs and creates the general personality, quality and factors of the project. This is then represented in a CAD-generated office space plan. is the first company to offer office furniture finance solutions for start-ups in Dubai. According to studies, office furniture and supplies make up to 15 per cent of the initial investment for small businesses. has launched an initiative to support UAE start-ups for new furniture purchase solutions to help entrepreneurs reduce business establishment costs, helping them conserve cash and working capital to bring their ideas to life.


Workspace provides a one-stop shop for ergonomic chairs, storage cabinets, workstations and executive desks. Customers can also choose from a variety of screen panels, pedestals, cable management solutions and accessories for their desks and workstations — all delivered within seven to ten days.

Clients can pick table size, tabletop finish, screen panel material and colour, chair and sofa finishes to match every office design, all at affordable prices. The Workspace online platform provides instant price updates for every combination.

Employees are at the heart of Workspace’s business. As a start-up, it develops its skills day by day, learning more and gaining experience by knowing the market and client requirements. Free 3D/2D office furniture/space planning and interest-free start-up businesses finance solutions are recent examples of the services added to