Emaan Shoaib, Head of Modern Trade and E-commerce, Lattafa Perfumes Image Credit: Supplied

Lattafa Perfumes Industries, a leading UAE-based perfume manufacturer for the past three decades, has a dynamic expansion plan that prioritises e-commerce, while recognising the benefits of social media to approach a larger consumer base.

Lattafa is proud of having catered to the needs of an expansive customer base from more than 78 countries. Its ability to continuously deliver to its customers by staying ahead of changing trends and offering them unique and innovative fragrance products have enabled Lattafa to be its customers’ favourite perfume brand.

Today, e-commerce is the captain of global retail growth and is expanding at an annual growth of 24 per cent in the UAE. Post the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been considerable changes in the shopping habits of consumers in the region. Consumers have been spending more time on e-commerce channels and this has been a big challenge for the perfume industry. Lattafa uses a hybrid marketing strategy that leverages multiple and varied mediums to stay connected with its customers. Its new strategy has been to use dual channels – modern trade retail and digital/e-commerce platforms – that offer a better way to serve its customers.

Today, Lattafa is present across leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon, noon and DubaiStore as well as Sharaf DJ and Tradeling. Additionally, Lattafa has developed its own e-commerce platform ( to provide its customers with the complete range of Lattafa products that can be purchased online from the comfort of their homes.

“At the end of the day, there are no silver bullets in digital marketing strategy,” says Emaan Shoaib, Head, Modern Trade and E-commerce, Lattafa Perfumes. “At Lattafa, we believe in understanding the needs of our customers and enhancing their experience through targeted and innovative marketing initiatives.”