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Last year mental health became the number one discussed topic as the world around us shut down and the paradigm shifted. During this shut down sleep came into play as a measure of good health and its importance was highlighted. Sure, exercise and proper diet are important but a good night’s rest has been emphasised as equally, if not more important for a healthy body and mind. And what can contribute to this paramount sleep? How about a King Koil mattress?

Experts in mattress building since 1898, King Koil has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the region and for good reason. King Koil’s mattresses are heralded as providers of luxurious and comfortable sleep, as every piece is caringly put together and integrated with advanced and patented technologies to provide you the ultimate “during and post” sleep experience.

As World Sleep Day 2021, which falls on March 19, centres on the slogan “Regular sleep for a healthy future,” there is no better time to invest in a King Koil mattress to ensure your sleep is at its optimal potential.

King Koil mattresses are made from the finest materials with great attention to detail, from manufacturing to finish. The mattress is integrated with various technologies like Advanced Pressure Support (APS) system, a revolutionary support that gives necessary support to the spine, taking into consideration the weight distribution of a human body.

Another revolutionary aspect of the King Koil mattress is the Visco Foam Gel Laminate technology which provides a cooling and breathable surface for sleeping. This technology provides thermo-regulation and thus provides unchanging comfort throughout the night.

King Koil has also been endorsed by the International Chiropractor’s Association as a premium mattress and “The World’s Best Selling Chiropractic Endorsed Sleep System.”

Other technologies in the mattress include Bio Cool Body Balance technology, iFusion technology, Smart Cushion Aero System technology, etc. Each of these technologies possesses unique benefits that will allow you to achieve an incredible sleep experience so that you wake up to a refreshed body and mind.

Sundar Rajan, Managing Director, Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co., LLC said, “King Koil imports all its raw materials from Europe and the US. We source the best raw materials and take the maximum precautions during the manufacturing process. The mattress is lovingly crafted with the consumer in mind. With over a century delivering the gift of sleep, we are pleased to celebrate world sleep day 2021.”

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