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The latest beauty trend, known as skinimalism, is here to revolutionise your skin care routine, making it more efficient and cost-effective. As the term suggests, skinimalism combines skin and minimalism to emphasise the importance of simplifying your skin care regimen to achieve healthy, glowing skin with only essential products.

The concept of skinimalism first emerged in early 2021 through social media and has since been embraced by the beauty industry. Brands are now promoting minimalist skin care regimens that feature highly effective, multitasking products packed with active ingredients. Skinimalism aims to support healthy, balanced skin with a straightforward treatment plan comprising only three to five products.

In the UAE, Cocoona Clinics has wholeheartedly embraced the skinimalism philosophy within its product line Skin by Cocoona. Its approach to promoting this philosophy centres on simplicity and quality in skin care. “We believe that effective skin care doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Dr Sanjay Parashar, Educator, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and founder of the Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation.

Dr Sanjay Parashar

“To that end, we emphasise the use of multitasking products that combine the benefits of several traditional products into one. This minimises the need for multiple products, making the routine simpler while maintaining efficacy.”

Creme21, another popular brand in the UAE, prioritises creating multifunctional skin care products that streamline routines and deliver excellent results. Its approach involves extensive research and cutting-edge formulation techniques. A standout product from the brand is the Brightening Range, which delivers even-toned glowing skin, sun protection, and vitamin nourishment in one.

“We’re dedicated to providing high-quality, versatile solutions that cater to diverse skin needs, simplifying our customers’ daily routines without compromising on efficacy,” says Abhinav Kumar, Senior General Manager – Marketing, Emami International Personal Care. “Our focus is on delivering efficient, multifunctional products that resonate with the skinimalism era and enhance our customers’ skincare experiences.”

Abhinav Kumar

As multifunctional skin care products have gained popularity, brands wanting to succeed in this space had to develop offerings that fit into everyday life, whether it is on the go or taking time for well-being. While multifunctional skin care products are a key element of Cocoons Clinics’ product line-up, the company focuses on ingredients with versatile benefits. “For example, Alpha Beta Cleanser by Skin by Cocoona not only cleanses the skin, but it will also hydrate as well as slough off dead cells to provide the best results,” explains Dr Parashar.

“This innovative approach ensures that consumers can achieve their desired skin care outcomes with fewer products, saving time and resources.”

While clients buying fewer products might sound like a bad thing for beauty businesses, the skinimalism trend actually provides them with the opportunity to educate consumers in understanding the ingredients in their skin care products.

“Educating consumers about skin care ingredients is a top priority for us,” says Dr Parashar. “We believe that an informed consumer makes better choices. We also emphasise the importance of key ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration, niacinamide for skin barrier support, and antioxidants for overall skin health.

“By promoting ingredient awareness, we empower our customers to create minimalist but effective skin care routines customised to their unique needs.”

In the realm of men’s skin care, popular brand Emami recognises the burgeoning interest in ingredient quality and its pivotal role in the pursuit of healthy, vibrant skin. Its Smart and Handsome brand, dedicated to men’s skin care, places a strong emphasis on educating consumers about the significance of ingredient choices and benefits.

“To this end, we have built our foundation on transparency and accessible information,” says Nidhi Asthana Singh, Senior General Manager – Marketing, Emami International Personal Care. “We believe in clear, straightforward labelling on our products, which extends to our online platform. We frequently interact with our consumers through engagement events where we discuss ingredient quality and the importance of informed choices.”

Nidhi Asthana Singh

For a minimalistic yet effective men’s skin care routine, Singh recommends essential ingredients such as niacinamide for hydration, peptides for pore tightening, and key actives for sun protection benefits. “These ingredients work harmoniously to simplify routines while delivering tangible results, all without sacrificing quality,” says Singh.

In addition to promoting healthy skin, skinimalism asks consumers to take a hard look at how their choices are impacting the environment. Choosing products with simple ingredients that are sourced responsibly can make a big difference for the planet’s health. Some companies also offer eco-friendly packaging and reusable containers.

“A streamlined skin care routine is environmentally responsible,” explains Dr Parashar. “It reduces the demand for excessive packaging and conserves resources, contributing to a more sustainable beauty industry.

“At Cocoona, we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint by using recyclable packaging and reducing wastage throughout our supply chain. By embracing skinimalism, both your skin and the planet benefit.”