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Minimalist Mediterranean Image Credit: Supplied

Mid-century modernish

Functionality is at the heart of mid-century modernism and the focus is on furniture that is adaptable and easy to use, says Ankita Khemka, designer at the consultancy Rouge Windows. “Extravagant embellishments are nowhere to be seen, and instead materials such as steel and wood are in favour. Teak tabletops, tapered peg-legs and leather mixed with timber also define the trend.”


Bringing the outdoors indoors is a classic idea, but it took on a new impetus with movement restrictions. “You can never go wrong with natural elements as they transforms a home into a perfectly serene oasis – just what everyone needs after a long day. A home that oozes with serenity is a home that engages all the senses and makes us feel comfortable and cozy,” Khemka says.

Minimalist Mediterranean

Fuss-free interiors show up across the Med (see picture below), with white backdrops and relaxed neutrals offering personalities the space to shine. “These chic spaces offer high-end styling that’s not found in a typical beachside villa,” says Narita Mangaran, Design Manager at Indigo Living. “Create a homey look with quality wooden furniture and natural accent pieces and blend old with new, such as by using traditional wicker decor with shiny modern lighting ideas, rustic stone feature walls against contemporary white concrete interiors.”

Scandi sanctuary

Hygge has been hard to shake. A Nordic word for a cozy, convivial mood, the concept made its way into our interiors vocabulary several years ago and has been revived by the pandemic (see picture below). “The minimalist style blends textures and soft hues to create sleek and modern interiors that are warm and inviting – emphasizing clean lines, utility, and simple furnishings that are functional, beautiful, and cozy,” says Mangaran. Think modern furniture, plenty of soft lighting, candles and art in graphic multiples.

Boho beauty

A free-spirited approach to interior design, Bohemian interiors are rule-breaking and unconventional, often combining eclectic mixes of patterns, colours and textures into a global-inspired laidback aesthetic, Khemka says. Mangaran advises natural or raw materials such as wood or rattan, teamed with vintage pieces for a relaxing environment that encourages informal interaction while allowing everyone to be themselves. Think floor cushions, artisanal rugs and throws, artsy pieces, and anything you might find at Global Village.