Russell helped me get over my fear. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Deer are quick, lithe creatures, but put them in front of an oncoming car with the headlights fixed at them and they freeze, as if waiting for an accident to happen.

Fear has a way of paralysing us. It doesn’t matter what the fear is or its magnitude. When we let fear take over, we let it hold us back from life.

We all experience fear at some point. The fear could be of various kinds, in varying degrees. The source of this fear could be situations, experiences, even people.

Many people become a slave to their own fears. They put off life-changing decisions, become afraid to do something and miss out on the good things life can offer because they let fear take hold. If you are one of these people, believe me when I say that you have the power to live a life free from fear.

How do you move out of fear? Know that most of your fears are created in your head. So if you can imagine it, you can un-imagine it.

Start by defining your fear. Understand where your emotions are coming from. Often times, what we perceive as our fear factor isn’t necessarily the culprit. To use a few lines from that popular quote from an anonymous author: “You’re not scared of the dark; you’re scared of what’s in it. You’re not afraid of heights; you’re afraid of falling...”

Why are you afraid? Get to the root of the problem so you know exactly how to address it.

Yesterday, I was working with a gentleman who had an acute fear of flying it was getting in the way of his personal and professional life. As I was explaining the Freedom from Fear program I have developed, his case reminded me so much of Rohan, a young man I worked with last year. Rohan had a similar problem with air travel, but—with the right coaching—was able to overcome his fear. He shared his story with Friday magazine:

It is impossible to make the right move when we look at things through the eyes of fear. When we feel afraid, we may avoid situations without really understanding what it is about those situations that is causing us to feel that way. By skirting the core problem, we miss out on the opportunity to grow and grow beyond our fear.

So, the next time fear kicks in, take control. Analyse the situation in front of you. What can you do about it? Have a plan and put it into action.

Believe that you can deal with anything and everything life throws at you. Nothing is ever impossible, especially if you put your mind to it. This will help you gather some courage to make the next step.

Always rise to your own defense. When you are hurt by someone or something, don't let the negativity continue. You don't need to live with this big ball of fear. Stand up for yourself.

Surround yourself with positive people. Be inspired by these people who always face life with so much confidence and courage. Get the good vibes and positive energy going.

Move beyond your fears one step at a time. For example: If you have a fear of public speaking, take a course to improve your confidence. If a co-worker is being a bully, don’t be afraid to confront him or her. Any fear can be conquered if you are willing to work at it, even if it means moving out of your comfort zone.

Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Fill your mind with hope and confidence until it begins to show in your actions, too. Power your mind with positivity every chance you get.

Don’t be the “deer in the headlights”. Conquer your fear. Start today.