Hospitality design has upped the bar in what we expect in our homes; and it makes perfect sense. As we jet across the world more than ever, our expectations from our homes are changing. We still want comfort and familiarity, but we also want a seamless experience moving from our favourite hotel suites to our homes.

This duality of experience was first evidenced in hotels; in fact, you would have noticed how service at any premium property takes after a deeply personalised approach. That movement which started a decade ago and is now so finely ensconced into hospitality service has had an impact on how we want to live at home, too. I would love a 24-hour butler service, but for now, a stunningly appointed bedroom will have to do. Here are some easy tips that can deliver a five-star rating.


When it comes to bedrooms, nothing delivers more impact than the bed. Or rather, the wall behind the bed, and in true hotel suite design philosophy, if you have that wall sorted, all you need is a mattress frame and mattress. From wallpaper and large artwork, to bespoke wall claddings, there is a wealth of treatments at hand to make your back wall stand out. I recommend you treat your back wall as a canvas and give it a treatment that elevates it. I love how a splatter of gold makes this green wall feel special. Certainly not for the wall flowers, a print heavy wallcovering will deliver mega-watt graphic appeal.

Either way, with the right accent wall, your actual bed can be more humble design piece. From statement bedside tables and lights to designer soft furnishings, when you can save on the bed, why not spend on everything else?


I know quite a few people who are not a fan of this concept, but the bedroom has evolved into so much more than a space to sleep, that I can’t help but view that ‘room’ as a lifestyle concept. That involves breaking down walls, and creating an experience that caters minutely to the occupant.

The first wall to bring down is the one that interacts with the exterior. This is easier for homeowners, but for those who lease, this means re-looking at how we treat our windows. Out with the heavy drapes and in with something light and less divisive. Make most of Dubai’s love for glass facades to integrate biophilia — our predisposition for a connection with nature — with the bedroom without actually placing a tree inside.

An open plan bedroom might not always involve integrating the bathroom, and you can still achieve the lifestyle concept by diminishing the divide between the sleeping area and other functions. Integrate the study or the home office and the dressing area. Typically, this works best if you can position the bed as an island, with generous space behind the bed back or on the sides to house the wall-to-wall wardrobe or library.


The best boutique hotels in the world are those where each room has a distinct personality. Luckily when it comes to the house, the design of the bedroom can cater to the exact love and likes of the occupant and the uniqueness of the space.

What we are after here, is to create a focal point other than the bed. This will help draw the eye to other aspects of the space, be it a stunning glass façade or its height. Figure out what makes your room unique, and when you are done with decking it out, even the oddest shaped rooms will make perfect sense.

This is also where you have a free reign of get creative. If you like a lazy afternoon with your book, why not install a statement recliner by your stunning window and doze off, book in hand with the sun casting its warm rays. If your room has the height bring in a stunning looking indoor plant that will lend character and set your bedroom apart from your neighbours.