“Imagine healing chronic back aches, blood pressure or headaches without popping a single pill or resorting to high medical fees” - Liu Tai Jia General Manager of Tai Jia Trading FZCO. Image Credit: XPRESS/Zarina Fernandes

DUBAI: As more and more people look for alternatives to allopathic medication to ease health problems, options such as bio-magnetic therapy are gaining popularity.

"Imagine healing chronic back aches, blood pressure or headaches without popping a single pill or resorting to high medical fees," says Liu Tai Jia, General Manager of Tai Jia Trading FZCO, a company that specialises in bio-magnetic products.

From bio-magnetic mattress pads, quilts and pillows to necklaces, bracelets, medical plasters, knee bands and belts, the array of products to treat various symptoms is exhaustive. "The magnetic mattress pad and quilt works for various issues from high blood pressure and viscosity to diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, poor circulation, neurasthenia, bursitis, carpal tunnel and even chronic back aches and muscle and joint pain," says Jia, who claims 12 years of using bio-magnetic products has cured her of her insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations and arthritis.

"I realise it's a big claim to make," explains Jia. "But after years of research on the subject, I came to the realisation that magnetic energy is being more and more accepted by many doctors and scientists worldwide. Whereas China, Japan and many Asian countries have used magnets for centuries and license them as medical devices, Western science and medicine are rapidly rediscovering this ancient knowledge, using magnetic energy for diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and as a method to accelerate the healing of bone fractures," she says.

Acknowledging her Chinese roots, Jia chose to set up shop in Dragon Mart, an environment that attracts shoppers of all ages and nationalities. With prices that aren't over the top, Jia says her clientele is wide and their feedback always positive. "Women who have bought our necklaces have reported being totally pain-free in their neck, back and shoulder region. Another one of my clients, a gentleman in his 60s, used to suffer from arthritis in the left leg until he started wearing our magnetic insoles and ankle support. Within three weeks, the pain had reduced dramatically. A month ago, he came in to tell us he's back to playing golf."