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Let us imagine that you have been given a quota of energy for the day. Now it is up to you how you choose to use this energy. Remember this quota comes in subtle energy-form such as intention, attention, imagination/visualisation. Also, as reflection, faith, gratitude. Or trust, will, restraint. These are a few energy forms from the many available. These are present internally; subtle, unseen but real. Real because they give base to the physical reality forms, the manifestations that I can see hear, taste, touch, smell. The subtle energy of thought drives my speech and my behaviour that I manifest/ act out.

My thoughts, words and actions/ deeds will tell me where I stand in terms of my quota reserves at the end of the day. Whether I have fully used it and “emptied” myself, my quota or still left with some reserve? When do I get “emptied” out? When do I remain with some reserve?

Charging the Subtle Energies.

Let’s say I choose to work with the energy of, “intention”. So, I go on to develop association with the energy of “intention” by being with the word more, by feeling the word more, getting “closer” to it more and associating deeper with the energy of “intention” (words carry energy, they invoke feelings/ sensations).

In the process, I start working with this energy consciously. Meaning, consciously I start putting “intention” into my thoughts, which moves to my speech (verbal, non-verbal) and my actions/deeds (my behaviour, reactions, responses).

Keep in mind, that energy resources are neutral, till I “charge” it with my current state of consciousness. “Intention” just is. It is neutral (meaning all potentialities are enfolded and latent) till I charge “intention” with my current state of consciousness. I can charge it either positively or negatively. Meaning I can keep my “intention” in a positive range/ variation or in the non-positive.

If I intend to respond to someone with compassion, my “intention” is positively charged, vis-à-vis, my “intention” of seeking revenge or replying with jealousy, a negatively infused “intention”-state. If I have expended my quota of “intention” in the non-positive range, I will feel depleted, fatigued, used up, burnt (non-energised). However, if I have used my day’s quota in a balanced-positive way, I’ll still be “charged up” as opposed to feeling “spent”. My energy reserves will not be depleted.

Modifying Subtle Energies: Balanced-Positivity

Subtle energies move based on the “charge” that you infuse in it.

To give another example, say in working with the energy of imagination/ visualisation which is neutral at its source, till I “charge” it with my current state of consciousness, unravelling its helpful or non-helpful potential/ side. I can use my imagination either way. It depends on my state of consciousness/wakefulness/ awareness (or ignorance).

The more awareness there is, the more refined my subtle energies are. When internally my energies are lined up in a refined state, I am more centered/ aligned with my own self/ being. Know that the state of consciousness can be refined anytime. How so? By choosing to react/ respond with more balance and positivity. I can choose to feel angry at my friend or forgive his rude behaviour towards me that day. This thought will bring different results in speech and actions.

We are constantly working with one or the other subtle energy dominantly. Physical forms of reality is based on how internally subtle energies are lined up. Some subtle energy forms are already low vibrations such as shame, guilt. However, there are a lot many high-vibration subtle energy resources as mentioned above. It depends on how I choose to “charge” them. That will determine my quota of energy reserves.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: