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The universe ‘delivers’ your thoughts that have been dwelt upon intensely, feelingly. In my case the ‘delivery’ was quite literal this time.

Two days ago, my friend’s daughter showed up at my door with a freshly baked vegetarian pizza. Now, I have known Ms Rita, my friend, for less than a year. She baking me a vegetarian pizza is quite a loving gesture from her. I was touched and feasted on the pizza.

Today, as I got out of my morning meditation, I was struck by the fact that how my thoughts were ‘delivered’. Rewind; two days before, while having my evening tea, I had the urge to have some bakery item with my tea; I really wanted to have it. I could smell the fresh bakery too. However, I dismissed the idea, feeling plain lazy to go down my apartment building and grab one. Instead wished, ‘Whoa, would somebody just bring it up for me?’ After a while, the urge subsided and I forgot about it. But the universe didn’t.

Within hours, I did get my baked item — pizza! And it was brought up!

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the synchronicity and loved it. I ‘saw’ the connection only later.

Thoughts turn to things

We forget how our intense thoughts, dominant thoughts, thoughts that we think again and again, gets manifested. Most often, we fail to make this connection — between thoughts and what shows up in our life — mostly because the connection is subtle.

If we are aware of the ‘ongoings’ of our thoughts, we will be aware of what we bring into our lives. The manifestations are deliveries, that the universe rolls back, impartially, without discriminating or judging our thoughts.

It is then up to us, what quality and nature of thoughts we think, and how long or deeply we dwell on them. This is taking responsibility of our own thoughts that we think.

If we quieten our minds and focus in stillness and reflection, we can’t miss the connection between the thoughts we have and the lives we live.

We create our own lives. How? Through thoughts. Whatever seems to be ‘destined’ are also ‘thoughts’ that have been thought before, prior to taking this birth as a Consciousness, for deeper reasons.

Sometimes the manifestation link — the link between thoughts yielding into reality — is obvious.

Here’s another example from my life. As a 14-year-old, I had this deep desire to have a study table. In the 80s, in my middle-class conservative family, my siblings and I either sat on floor mats to do our studies and school work or on the sofa or on the bed.

Nothing seemed comfortable to me. I articulated this meekly to my father, not really believing he will purchase one for me. Anyhow, the study table came within six months or so. Someone from my father’s office was moving the city and decided to give away the table.

When my father brought it home, I was beyond thrilled. The table space was kind of already seamlessly set. With utter satisfaction and joy, I laid out a green table cloth on it, and neatly placed my books. The table was against the wall, and I stuck a piece of paper on it after a few days, with the words ‘Hostel’.

As a 15-year-old, I desired to get away from my state of Bihar, to do my graduation in any other state. That too, came to fruition after two years. How? It’s a long, interesting story for later.

The point being, the principle of thoughts, of manifestation, of projection, works at all times and for all ages, dwelt upon consciously or unconsciously. When we live in awareness, we can consciously change our thoughts, modify it- in positivity, faith, trust- for an aligned life. We can consciously step out of resentful, self-deprecating, judgmental or any limiting thought. Our life is literally in our own thoughts and hands!

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: