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Have you talked to your body lately? Which organs have you sent your love to?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Talking to your body may sound silly or awkward, but know that the organs and glands of your body are every bit alive and conscious as you are. Glands are organs that produce chemical substances to perform a specific function and while all glands are organs, not all organs are glands.

How much love and attention each gland is getting from you? How much pran or life force are you breathing into your glands? Energetically speaking, the health of your glands is linked to the energy or life-force you are giving it.

The seven main glands are the body’s energy centres and each one is related to a specific chakra. Or vice versa. The root or muladhar chakra, situated at the base of the spine or pelvic floor, governs the immune and skeletal system and is related to the functioning of the adrenal glands.

The energy at the root centre modulates your instinct. It offers response to the fight or flight situation, a primeval instinct since the dawn of humanity.

In the current settings, this fight or flight response triggers when we are faced with an unwanted situation. We fight an emotion till we fatigue out or simply choose to run away from it.

Let’s say, there is an unwanted situation of a road mishap between two moving vehicles. It is likely that drivers would either resort to defending the situation or fleeing it. Even when attending the situation, a feeling of blame, verbal or non-verbal abuse can surge or simply a, ‘not-good’ feeling can sweep over.

However, there are a range of possible emotions that can also instinctively be invoked: that of concern, non-judgement, discernment, forgiveness and walking away with a hug. With meditation, the good feeling can become the new normal response in a situation like this.

Root out Fear

Fear, a primal emotion, influences the energy of root chakra. When underactive, this emotion can block growth path. However, in some people the energy of root chakra is overactive, making them prone to taking reckless actions. In either case, a balance works the best.

With a weak root energy, a person may feel ungrounded, unsteady and unsettled. These feelings surface in response to survival needs and in craving for protection and love. There is a yearning for security, stillness and grounded-ness. An individual with a balanced root chakra energy experiences inner stillness, feels abundant as opposed to living with the feeling of scarcity, and enjoys company of family and friends as opposed to feeling isolated.

Love for Root Gland

Physically, a balanced root chakra manifests in the form of healthy bones and joints, less body aches and an enthusiasm to move about and do things. As opposed to lethargy with sapped energy, an individual feels energetic.

You may declare to your organs: “I love you all and offer my gratitude that you take care of me. I, in turn, promise to take care of you.” “Dear gland, I promise to eat right and henceforth, make healthy food and drink choices.” “Dear gland, I am thankful that you discharge the right amount of hormones into my system to keep me healthy.” “Dear organs, tissues and cells, I promise to focus on the positives because I know that makes you happy.”

As you meditate on the root chakra, and make the affirmations, visualise that each cell and organ at the root centre is bathed in the divine golden light and the light is infusing each cell with vitality. You may use sound- the seed or beej mantra- of the root chakra, LAM, and chant it to stimulate and balance the energy there.

Spend time in nature. Connect with the energy of the mother earth who holds your space with love and gentleness. She is happy that you are here.

Happy rooting!

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at