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As we grow up, we start forming beliefs; “I believe this is the only way I can cope up with...”, or, “I believe the situation demands this...” and so on. Beliefs add up as we grow, and go on to become our comfort zone from which we start operating.

Belief is an emotion, an outward projection of an emotion. Belief systems act as accelerators to the emotions you hold. Some beliefs serve you, some don’t. Belief systems are important for your existence here on the earth. They are conduit to your connection with the divine, with people, with the earth and with all other creations of the divine.

Being devoid of a belief system impacts your identity. A search for identity makes your living here on earth meaningful: “Who am I?”, “What am I here to do?”, “What is my purpose?” A belief system gives you an identity, a purpose to live.

Beliefs are tied to emotions. Different beliefs invoke different emotions. When you invoke a belief, you invoke an emotion in you. You may ask then, what is the objective of having a negative emotion such as anger? Emotions have a purpose. Anger, for instance, comes in all nature and forms. Some anger is purposeful to initiate a change, some lead to destructions.

The force of anger can be serving or non-serving. If the habit of smoking makes you angry at yourself, it is a positive force. When anger turns to resentment, it is non-serving.

Any emotion that doesn’t serve you is a limiting belief. A limiting belief can stall your progress. Resentment, for instance, can stall your movement forward. Limiting belief acts as a barrier, a wall that disallows you to reach to your potential.

Fear, for example, can literally stop you from moving forward. The feeling of unworthiness is an intensely limiting belief. The belief that you are unworthy of something, can push you back and back to a dark hole. The way out is to tap into your inner strength. And before the feeling of unworthiness can push you down the hole, run towards the other end of it, your strength, and hold on to that emotion, till the feeling of unworthiness drops off from your being.

Regret, on the other hand, is an enabling belief, that allows you to open up to the goodness of your heart with feelings of forgiveness, understanding, clarity and much more.

Jealousy, again, is a limiting belief. Having that emotion means you have an unrealised potential waiting to be tapped. And when you start flowering that potential in you, jealousy will leave.

Each limiting belief is an indication that you need to work on yourself and tune your emotions to a higher vibration. Through the daily practice of meditation and affirmations, you can transmute limiting beliefs into positive force.

But why do people even carry limiting beliefs? That is because you want to keep them as your identities. And you like to pad them up; they make you feel important. “Oh, my immunity system is low, and so I keep falling sick.” The more you pad up and the more you claim to be this and that, the more you feel significant.

When you start dropping limiting beliefs, you might feel something chipping away from you. Some rejoice this ‘loss’ yet some lament it. It is all in your perspective, how you choose to take the ‘loss’.

When your identity becomes pad-less, without layers, you become like a leaf floating on water. You enjoy the air and the water at the same time. In the sense that you have best of both the worlds; water can’t swallow you in, and air can’t sweep you away. Imagine the power you hold in that state, the state of ‘identity-lessness’.


Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at