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Money is often equated with abundance. However, both are two different things. Money is a form of energy exchange, abundance is not.

In knowing that you are alive is abundance. Anything that fills you with joy is abundance. A feeling of knowing is abundance. Awakening is abundance.

Money can be earned but not abundance. Money-d people may not necessarily be abundant, there still could be void in them. Abundance is a feeling, an experience. A butterfly fluttering can fill your heart and, in that moment, when you are one with the butterfly, everything else collapses, as in, ceases to exist. That moment is abundance, and in that moment, lies freedom.

Money exists as a real thing in our world. So much attention has been placed on it that it has assumed a great significance. Most equate money with freedom and hence, ironically, get bound by money. As long as you feel money can buy freedom, you will keep placing importance on money. And hence, keep getting chained by it.

Money will flow to you if you stop placing so much importance on it. Allow it to flow to you with ease and grace, without getting fixated on it. Fixation is resistance. And with resistance, things don’t come to you.

So many people desire money but from the space of scarcity. If you are asking money from the cosmos with a feeling of lack, money won’t come to you. The universe feels the vibration of scarcity, and translates that you need more of that- scarcity- and hence things don’t move for you. When you are working from the space of scarcity, it could mean a) you are not liking your work b) you are not trusting your potential or c) you are thinking you don’t deserve it.

All these are resistances to the smooth flow. If you enjoy what you do, love what you do, there is no resistance. Then only the direction has to be channelled.

The best way to attract money is by thinking less about it. Do not complain. The technique is to place your request to the universe and trust that it will happen. If you are not able to believe that money will come to you, then you are not ready to receive it either.

You can be ready by believing that you have been heard and your work is in progress. Allow. Allow the flow of ideas, thoughts and actions to make way for money to flow to you. Money won’t ‘drop’ at you. In any case, you don’t believe that it will drop at you so that won’t happen either. Your belief is the key. The universe responds to your belief.

Work and take action with full conviction that once you have ‘placed the order’ of money to the universe, it will come to you in a form and manner that is highest and best for you. Hence, be open to thoughts and ideas.

Here is one technique that Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer write in their book, “Creating Money: Attracting Abundance.”

When you sit in meditation, picture something that you want which you don’t have.

Think of all the reasons you are now closer to getting what you want than you have ever been. Now take a moment and experience what success feels like to you. You might recall a past or a present success or imagine what a future success will feel like. Let it become as physical and as emotional an experience as it can.

Congratulate yourself on all the things you can think of that you are doing well right now. View and narrate your life in a way that emphasises all the good experiences you have had, as if you grew up with great abundance. Focus only on times when you felt abundant, got what you wanted.

Focus from the perspective of how you know you have always been divinely guided by the whole universe. And how easily you have created things you wanted and how it appeared quickly to you. The more you focus on the abundance you had in the past, the more prosperity you will create in the future. (Roman & Packer, 2008).

With practice, in your meditation and/or silent contemplation, you will create a successful future for yourself.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at milarao2018@gmail.com.