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Day and night, heat and cold, fire and water, light and dark, mountains and valleys, green forests and deserts — nature is composed of polarities. Without one, the other can’t exist.

Polarities are found in human nature too; positive emotions and limiting ones, feelings of good and not-so-good, despair and exuberance, hatred and love and so on. As creations of nature, we are in same melody as nature itself.

Working within these polarities and finding a balance between the two extremes is the beauty (or task) of human existence.

Nothing is bad — it is your perception that makes it good or bad. To know the positive, you must know the negative. To understand the negative, you must appreciate the positive. Your journey is to find the rhythm in the centre, between the two opposites.

Polarities teach us that life isn’t about one end of a string or one obsession, but is in the grace of balance. When you align to the centre, what you create is powerful. When you birth a creation, for example, a piece of art, then contentment is the centre. From that centred bliss, you effortlessly go into an empowered position to expand your pureness to one and all. You want to do that. You are not closed. You extend this high vibration either through your actions or through your thoughts. Remember blessing someone in your thoughts, appreciating someone, speaking good of someone? That arises in your pure expansive state.

Polarities guide us to know more about life. They teach us to appreciate better. Without polarity, life is lop-sided living. For example, in living with extreme fear, there is no joy in life and in living with extreme fearlessness, you can be a foolish adventurer. The more you work with each polarity, the more your balance them, the better you progress.

Polarities serve you. Opposites give meaning to your life. Can you feel or enjoy the essence of peace unless you have encountered chaos?


Why haven’t you used nature’s principle of negative and positive to create electricity and other works? Working with opposites leads to creation. The seeding of a new thought is your creation; it is your thought. The birth of a thought itself is a creative unfolding. How you feed that thought is again your creation. It could be empowering, it could be destructive. If you are in a balanced state, it is the former.

In the above context, therefore, things or life don’t happen to you. It happens for you.

More truthfully, you make them happen for you; through your thoughts, through your balance, through your deeds and actions. So, in essence, you are an all-powerful creator of your truth.

From each opposite, if you take what resonates with your soul, you are essentially creating a new reality for yourself. You are creating, you are building, you are building your life, moment to moment to moment.

Nature also operates in balance; ecology has balanced itself for eons. Nature creates, nurtures and destroys. It again creates, nurtures and destroys and the cycle continues. Destruction leads to creation. Death leads to birth. It is, therefore, imperative that humans don’t cling onto things or emotions, but understand the impermanent nature of things. Balance, therefore, is essential. Clinging is suffering.

In meditation as you separate, detach, and un-cling from your emotions and thoughts, you blissfully enter into a neutral zone. Without the baggage, you feel light. And you just become. And you simply are. In that state, you can create whatever you want.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at milarao2018@gmail.com.