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What tips do you have for me to avoid overeating in the new year?

Deciding on how much to eat in advance is important when it comes to indulgence, especially if you are a foodie. Let me help you in deciding what how much means in this context. For healthier and more enjoyable eating you should consider three basic rules: sensual pleasure, measure and after-effects of food.

To explain further, sensual pleasure is the true essence of the eating experience. But most importantly it has a lot of influence on internal digestion, such as in the stomach, absorption in the small intestine and evacuation process of waste materials. Sensual pleasure or the messenger activities of the senses is responsible for proper secretion and internal movements of digestion. Eating something by enjoying it — aroma, taste, the process of chewing with a relaxed mind and body — are instrumental in satiety and good nutrition. Overeating, to an extent, can be rectified with an understanding of the pleasure of eating the right way.

Measure is understood based on one’s digestive ability and the quality or type of food. A teenager and a middle-aged person have different appetites and digestive abilities and different physical needs. As a common rule, the best practice is to have more liquid food for the stomach. Half of the stomach should be filled with liquid food, and one fourth with solid food and the remaining portion to be left empty for proper energy flow during digestion. A plan of that in the menu which implements the above rule will also bring in satiety and an effective nutrition. This will also help you to maintain an ideal weight and prevent overeating.

Ayurveda suggests sipping water at the beginning of meals, for people who don’t wish to gain weight. Sipping during the meals also helps. Increased use of spices, appetisers and strong drinks also increase food cravings and are better avoided or controlled. 

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