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Dubai: One of the best parts about living in Dubai for me, are the regular grooming sessions. Most women in the country have an “eyebrow lady”, a “botox guy” and are best friends with their hairdresser. Living here comes with a certain amount of pampering. The monthly mani-pedis and the weekly blow dries.

With COVID-19 hitting the city, and the recent sterilisation programme causing everyone to stay home the question that came about was: Has this period of self-isolation proven that people care about their image because of others, who see them all the time, or do they care about how they look because of themselves?

According to Dr Doctor Rodainah Mhaidat of La Mar clinics who spoke to Gulf News explaining that after restrictions easing, her clinic had very good traffic with people who wanted to feel and look better. People who wanted to lift their spirits by looking better.

Many clients of for Dr Rodainah were waiting for the day the clinic opened, so they could continue their usual treatment. “People tend to feel better when they look better,” she added.

“With the population slowly starting to go back to work, they don’t want to look tired or worn down, they want to look refreshed. We are actually seeing a few more males coming into our practice,” Dr Rodainah said.

During the sterilisation period, it was impossible for people to go to clinics for their usual fixes, skin treatments, and face augmentations, especially since these are what some would call “non-essential” medical trips.

As restrictions began to ease and social distancing guidelines were put in place, the cosmetic industry came to life again. Plastic surgery clinics and botox administrators have seen an influx of people from both sexes over the last month and a half.

“We are living in a very interesting time. Today we have patients coming to us for a plethora of different reasons. Some are just tired of staying home and need a change in ambience, others come to us because they are feeling down from the confinement and want to lift their spirit up by improving their look.” Dr Leandro Jonquiere said.

Adding “It's a mix of these two feelings. If you are happy with how you look, it will reflect on your face and on the people around you. And I’ve noticed that during this period, it has proven how amazing the human capacity is to keep looking forward to the future in a positive way and quest for beauty.”

On the huge market discounts consumers are being subjected to, both doctors refuse to give huge discounts even if the market is on a slowdown as they tend use best material and their suppliers did not lower their prices.

Dr Rodainah advice people to look carefully at material being used on them, while Dr Leandro said, “I disagree with heavy discounts, consumers should understand that they have to support the local business, as we also have the normal cost to cover.”

“This is the time that all of have to support each other to cross the storm. Once J Kennedy said: ‘If you want to help the economy go out and spend’.”