Vegan spread Image Credit: Supplied

Have you wanted to go vegan, but haven’t been able to try? Now’s your chance.

Take up the “7-Day Dairy-Free Challenge” on World Plant Milk Day, August 22, 2019, and see if the vegan lifestyle is a piece of cake.

Vegan lifestyle better for the environment

From looking at healthier alternatives for a better lifestyle, you’ll also be doing your bit towards protecting the environment.

According to research having a meat-based diet is harmful for the environment as animal products release more food-related greenhouse-gas emissions into the air.

What is World Plant Milk Day?

World Plant Milk Day is an annual event that is a collaboration between global food awareness organisation ProVeg International and vegan news service Plant Based News, which celebrates the many available plant-based alternatives to dairy products.

According to Sean Mackenney, Senior Campaign Manager, ProVeg International: “There are now dairy-free alternatives for everything you could possibly wish for, from ice cream to pizza to yoghurt to cheese, and so many different plant milks to choose from - all more readily available than ever. There’s never been a better time to give dairy-free a go.”

The day is being celebrated internationally and social media is abuzz with easy vegan-recipies and food alternatives to try.

According to new research, in the US, sales of plant-based milks have grown by six percent over the last year, while cow’s milk sales have declined by three percent over the same period.

Many supermarkets in the UAE offer vegan-friendly and dairy free products for those who practice, or what to practice veganism.

Are you going to take up the challenge? Write to us at readers@gulfnews.com.