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Every client has different needs, requirements and health and fitness goals when it comes to their own body. At Embody, every body transformation programme created is bespoke to each client and tailored to their specific needs.

At Embody you will have a team of expert coaches guiding you through every step of your transformation - an elite-level personal trainer for every workout routine and a dedicated nutritionist and sports therapist who work in unison to ensure your journey is of the highest level of expertise you will find anywhere. It also provides dedicated ladies-only training with the highest-quality female coaches in Dubai.

Embody is the only gym offering personal training programmes in Dubai that boasts a team of Olympic athletes and world-class coaches who come from Embody’s prestigious and award-winning sports performance facility in London. The quality of professional coaches combined with its dedicated team supporting every client help make Embody unique and unlike any other gym in Dubai.

Clients come to Embody to make a serious change in their lives or to take their goals to the next level. Some clients want to focus on fat loss, muscle toning, improved performance or an injury, or a combination of these factors. The mission at Embody is simple… to ensure they achieve this and way more with all the professional support they need along the way coming from its elite team of sports professionals and nutritionists.

Embody Fitness has earned an industry-wide reputation for producing award winning results. But more than that, it takes clients on a journey that ultimately transforms their lives and not just their bodies.

This is what makes Embody the best gym in Dubai for results and motivates the team to continuously improve in everything it does.