Nyma Peracha
Nyma Peracha, Co-founder of Be More Keto and keto lifestyle coach Image Credit: Supplied


Co-founder of Be More Keto and keto lifestyle coach Nyma Peracha talks about how, when followed correctly, keto can benefit people suffering from diabetes

Through following a ketogenic diet your blood sugar levels are lowered. This, in turn, reduces the need for medication. When done correctly keto switches the body from using glucose for energy to use fat as fuel.

When doing this, not only will you reap the rewards of low blood sugar levels but you will also start to see fat loss occurring. Burning ketones from fat metabolism is a natural adaptation to starvation. The keto diet convinces our bodies that we are starving while still enjoying many of our favourite foods!

Keto Spicy Chicken Pizza on Keto Dough
Keto Spicy Chicken Pizza on Keto Dough Image Credit: Supplied

Homegrown food brand Be More Keto offers specialised standard and vegetarian 100 per cent keto meal plans to maximise your health and well-being while also seeing some fantastic weight loss results. The keto diet may seem like another recent fad diet but, in truth, it’s not. It has been around since the 1920s. Despite this, people often begin their keto journey before being fully educated on what it is and the best way to do it.

Following a ketogenic lifestyle does not mean loading up on saturated fats. Rather, heart-healthy fats are the key to sustaining overall health while in ketosis. This effective, yet slightly restricting lifestyle, can be a little tricky to understand and follow along right off the bat. Be More Keto is here to help!

Keto Tri-mushroom pizza on Vegan Dough
Keto Tri-mushroom pizza on Vegan Dough Image Credit: Supplied

The UAE-based personalised meal plan provider sets itself apart from its competitors in the market. Not only do they offer a wide range of freshly ready-to-eat keto meals, but they also offer consistent support with one of their keto coaches throughout your keto journey with them.

If you want to make a real change to your health and want to kick diabetes to the curb then contact Be More Keto for more information. One of their keto coaches will reach out and have an over-the-phone in-depth consultation to guide you on which plan is suited for your personal needs.

Be More Keto is more than just a keto meal plan service. It is a keto brand that offers you the opportunity to take charge of your health. The variety of plans will ensure you get exactly what you are looking for!

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