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Mustela's range of products Image Credit: Supplied

Mustela is a research based French laboratory manufacturing innovative products for newborns, babies and children.

With over 65 years of research in dermatology, Mustela works in close cooperation with maternity care experts, childcare professionals and dermatologists to respond to the specific needs of infant skin.

Following a 20-year global research programme on infant skin — Evolution of Early Infant Life: The skin (EVEILS) — Mustela has made two major discoveries. The first one explained that between the age of 0 and 2, babies have specific skincare needs compared to adults, while the second discovery showed that babies are born with not one, but, several skin types — normal, dry, atopic prone and sensitive or intolerant skin. The findings of this research were published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Thanks to this research, Mustela is able to offer a new generation of everyday skincare products for newborns, babies and children with 95 per cent active ingredients of natural origin with clinically proven effectiveness.

Products are formulated based on the skin type, providing specific solutions to each skin problem.

In the UAE, social media has started to significantly contribute to the growth of the baby skincare segment, with bloggers and influencers constantly guiding the purchasing decisions of new mothers.

The government has also taken many initiatives to provide quality healthcare through maternity facilities and health clinics. E-commerce is also driving sales in the segment as most of the retail chains have started to encourage online shopping with gifts and promotions.

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