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Francoise Crosbie, CEO, Keto Goodies, tells us about the benefits of the popular diet, misconceptions, and how to find alternatives to snacks rich in carbs or sugar

There are so many types of diet plans. What makes the keto diet so popular?

The keto diet has become more popular as the health risks of sugar have become more widely known and accepted. Traditional calorie-reduced diets force us to give up foods that we love. At the same time, they leave people constantly hungry, craving the very foods they can’t have, which leads to an unsustainable situation. The keto diet minimises calorie counting and allows people to eat normal-sized portions of food that are low in carbohydrates and thereby avoid hunger cravings.

The challenge with the keto diet is finding substitutes for your favourite sugary snacks and delicious carbohydrate-rich meals (read pizza). This is where a company like Keto Goodies Dubai comes in, offering substitutes and alternatives to help people stay within the boundaries of a keto or low-carbohydrate diet, while still enjoying delicious food.

We are always creating and improving our products: we started with three, today we have more than 50 products and counting. Our latest product, Keto Pizza, which took over a year to perfect, is already proving very popular.

- Francoise Crosbie, CEO, Keto Goodies

Who might benefit from a ketogenic diet and why?

Firstly, people who are struggling with weight management; it not only helps them lose weight but also curbs hunger pangs. Compared to traditional calorie-reduced diets, where one lessens intake of food to reduce weight, the ketogenic lifestyle is less focused on counting calories so you don’t feel hungry. Instead, you change the way your body derives its energy, from carbohydrates (sugars) to (healthy) fats.

By greatly reducing sugar intake, the keto diet helps diabetics keep glucose levels low and at manageable levels, and even keeps prediabetic people from developing into full blown diabetes.

It also helps women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a condition that makes the body unable to maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels.

What are some of the misconceptions about the keto diet?

The major misconception is that a diet that is high in fats is unhealthy. This is not so. When you change your lifestyle to accommodate a keto diet, you naturally change your body’s primary energy source (carbs and sugar) to ketones (fats), both the fats in your food and the stored fats in your body become your body’s source for fuel.

How is Keto Goodies adjusting to the coronavirus era? What are some of the measures the company has put in place?

The coronavirus crisis is a great challenge and we have met it by taking added precautions. We have our kitchen constantly fully sterilised by professional cleaners. We have moved our team members into an accommodation close to our kitchen, where they are socially isolated and do not have to take any form of transport, public or otherwise, further reducing the chances of catching the virus. We have also redoubled our efforts in following hygiene routines: constant handwashing, gloves and masks.

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What sets Keto Goodies apart from its competitors?

First is the quality of ingredients. We go out of our way to use the best ingredients that we can find. The keto community demands transparency in the ingredients used and we deliver. To be fair, many of our competitors use quality ingredients too. However, what we do, that they cannot, is offer very affordable prices. We strive to offer healthy, delicious products that are excellent value for money that makes the keto lifestyle sustainable, both practically and economically.

What are some of the products from Keto Goodies that people should try?

We are always creating and improving our products: we started with three, today we have more than 50 products and counting. Our latest product, Keto Pizza, which took over a year to perfect, is already proving very popular.

For bread substitutes, I recommend our ever-popular Keto Almond Bread, the one product that started it all. For those who like to make sandwiches, we have delicious bagels, wraps and burger buns. We also have a wide range of sweets: from brownies to chocolate chip cookies to muffins, and even our guilt-free red velvet cake — all sugar-free and keto-friendly. Nothing beats our sweet treats!

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