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People have spent years trying to figure out the secret to happiness. It really does come from within. You could have millions of dollars, fame and a nice car, yet still feel a strong dissatisfaction that you can’t really explain, or you could be the person who smiles the biggest when you see a baby in a stroller, or if you find an onion ring in a bag of French fries. It’s all about how you choose to view life.

You don’t have to have all 6 of these personality traits to be happy. You can be a couple of them and still be a satisfied and happy person.

1. If you are compassionate

Most of the time those who are interested in other peoples’ lives, stories and problems are usually a lot happier than those who are only concerned with themselves. Compassionate people also tend to do random acts of kindness for those they love as well as for strangers. They are found to be happier and more satisfied with their life.

2. If you are enthusiastic

People who are enthusiastic tend to laugh a lot. They are described by others as people who have a lot of fun and are a lot of fun. When people are enthusiastic generally make friends faster than those who aren’t. And Friends equal happiness.

3. If you are efficient

People who like to get things done and follow tasks through to completion are also generally happier people. Efficient “get stuff done” types of people achieve more goals in life, which contributes to their satisfaction.

4. If you are grateful

People who are habitually grateful (means that they say thank you and show appreciation without thinking) are usually happy people. Grateful people also look at the bright side. They usually notice and appreciate things that others see as ordinary and common.

5. If you are intellectually curious

Reading books about complex topics, watching documentaries that explain how the world works is a trait that most happy people have. They are curious about intellectual topics and enjoy meaningful conversations with others.

6. If you are open to new experiences

Are you an imaginative person with a wide array of interests? You must be open to new experiences. You read about new topics, you try new things, whether that’s new dishes at your city’s restaurants or scuba diving in the ocean.