SHEIN's fall/winter collection boasts chic playfulness with a hint of sophisticated femininity Image Credit: Supplied

SHEIN, with a global network that spans 220 territories globally, believes in clothing as an expression of individual personality. The brand is synonymous with trendy, affordable and effortlessly chic fashion, making it a hit among the fashion-forward diaspora. A dizzying selection of over 1000 new items are added to various collections on SHEIN every single day!

At a time where pumpkin spice and toffee nut mark the onset of a new season, SHEIN is imminently launching an equally enticing fall/winter 2020 collection, boasting chic playfulness with a hint of sophisticated femininity. This one is a special collaboration with none other than Arab fashion influencer Farah Alhady.

The theme of the collection pays an ode to the retro era, inspired and modelled by Farah Alhady herself. Get styling tips on how to wear elegant fall dresses, sophisticated blouses, and sparkling partywear from Farah Alhady as she models some of the looks.

No matter what you style palate craves, SHEIN has something for everyone.

The collection centers aroundfour main themes – Feminine Vintage, Elegant Fa’a, My Casual Wardrobe, and Party & More.

New closet additions are also added to the SHEIN Premium, Eco and Curve line, which take you on a voyage of premium fabrics and eco-conscious materials.

As 11/11 is seen as a harbinger of luck, and SHEIN fans are in for a treat. SHEIN is giving fashionistas a chance to grab the trendiest fall/winter attire at staggering discounts of up to 85 per cent off during the Black Friday sale coming upon. SHEIN Black Friday sale starts from November 11.

In the meanwhile, SHEIN realizes that time is of the essence in fashion, and Gulf News readers can avail a special 16% discount using code GN16 on the value of the total purchase.

All this and more from the comfort of your home when you shop on the SHEIN website or app, so you can put that pocket money to good use.


Founded in 2008, SHEIN is a fast fashion e-retailer with a global network that spans 220 countries and regions.

Here at SHEIN, choice and affordability take center stage. That’s why we drop 1000 new fashion items daily, spoiling our customers with a dizzying selection of ultra-trend womenswear that they can mix and match to their heart’s delight.

We do this because we believe that the clothes we wear reflect our personalities. With the abundance of choice we provide, our customers can intricately craft that perfect look which reflects their individuality. Simply put, we help you do you.

To learn more about SHEIN, follow us at, and SHEINMIDDLEEAST

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