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Dining District at Al Ghurair Centre is an ideal location for a foodie tour Image Credit: Supplied

What makes great eating places? In some ways, it’s quite easy to pin down what it is: restaurants with cuisines of your preference, places with non-fussy menus, no long waiting time, or really any pretense at all. We are mostly inclined towards spots that offer comforting food, sure. But also for things that are easy to overlook in a fast-moving dining scene. A generous welcome. Time-tested reliability. An instant sense of belonging.

“Dubai is famous for its multi-cuisine, where not only the residents but even tourists come and enjoy the variety of food, the emirate has to offer,” says Ronald Andrew Coakley, Vice President - Mall, Al Ghurair Centre. “The Dining District at the Al Ghurair Centre does the same. Whether it's craving for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Al Ghurair Centre serves up a choice of concepts across fine dining, outdoor dining, cafes, and chocolatiers. Be it at our Dining District or Food Court, you can enjoy a wide variety of global cuisines including Indian, Arabic, Oriental, European, American, South African, and many more.”

An ideal location for a foodie tour, you can sample some of the best cuisines or plan your own culinary adventure, all at one spot - the Dining District. While you’re at it do not miss two of the mall’s latest offerings – Farsi Restaurant and Maru Udon – for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Farsi Restaurant

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Ask any Iranian where to find the best Persian food and the answer is invariably the same: at home. What if you get the same feel without having to go through the labour-intensive and time-sensitive kitchen experience? Yes, Farsi Restaurant is the answer to exotic Persian cuisine.

“Persian cuisine in general has a very mild flavour that attracts all customers from all nationalities,” says Kamran Sharif, Managing Director, Farsi Restaurant. “With spices such as saffron, turmeric and cinnamon you can’t go wrong, and we are confident our authentic Persian cuisine will satisfy all taste buds.”

Al Ghurair Centre offers the perfect location for a Persian restaurant. “When choosing our locations, we carefully take into consideration many factors,” says Sharif. “Al Ghurair Centre was an attractive location in the heart of Dubai strategically located between our two other branches, targeting a large group of the Iranian community, who have been the pioneers in Dubai and have lived in the UAE for many years.”

Farsi Restaurant looks to cater to all kinds of customers from all socio-economic status, from businessmen to families. “We don’t discriminate, our ultimate goal is to provide a memorable experience for all,” says Sharif.

The competitive market has brought with it many challenges, but Farsi Restaurant has always maintained consistency over the 12 years they have been operating in Dubai, and its loyal customers bear testament to that. “We have always strived to stay at the top of our business and with this comes many challenges that will only make us stronger,” says Sharif. “With the professional care and help of our Iranian chefs we have always been able to overcome the challenges and reach our goals.”

As Iranian Cuisine is very diverse, the dishes range from barbecued kebabs, and stews, to seafood and much more. In order to familiarise customers with the diversity, the restaurant also has daily dishes that have become very popular, especially the Albaloo Polo, a dish exclusive to Farsi served with either chicken or meatballs with saffron rice and sour cherries that come from Iran.

“Farsi’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves with the concept of customer always being right no matter what and we are continuously strive for excellence and growth,” says Sharif. “Our primary goal is to serve the highest quality of food with a reasonable price. We are always looking for opportunities to expand and attract more customers because we believe that there is always room for growth.”

Maru Udon

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Contrary to what most people believe, Japan’s culinary sensations do not end with sushi. Udon is a local delicacy well-loved by both Japanese and other nationalities alike. If you're looking for a great place to eat udon in Dubai, Maru Udon is a place you got to visit.

“Al Ghurair Centre is our second location after Business Bay,” says Shinya Hongo, Executive Chef, Maru Udon. “We are a budget concept and wanted to be in the Deira neighborhood. The Al Ghurair Centre location was a compelling location.”

So what was the inspiration behind Maru Udon? Udon is a common fast food in Japan but there are no authentic udon restaurants anywhere in the Middle East. Maru Udon is looking to cater to anyone who wants an authentic Japanese cuisine experience without breaking the bank. Also, the restaurant decided to focus more on udon than the trendy ramen (another popular Japanese noodle variety).

“Udon is easy to make with the right equipment and know-how,” says Hongo. “Udon broth is halal, whereas most (80%) ramen broth in Japan is not halal, so restaurants that serve ramen must compromise on ingredients. We do not have to compromise.”

The great thing about Maru Udon is the huge variety of udon dishes available, with everything from classic dishes to those with a twist. Paitan Chicken, Tan Tan Shezuan, Yaki Stir Fry, and Kake Classic are the most popular dishes. “Udon is like bread, and just as there are limitless types of sandwiches, there are limitless variations of udon that we can do,” explains Hongo.

Maru Udon wants to provide a genuine Japanese cuisine experience and to stand apart from other restaurants, it constantly works at keeping udon relevant. “We have a new special that changes every month, depending on the season, the ingredients that are available, and the chef’s inspiration,” says Hongo.

Other interesting concepts and Dine and WIN Offers

In addition to the above restaurants, there are other popular restaurants such as Manoushe Street, Yakitate, IL Forno, McDonald’s, KFC, Papa roti, Tim Hortons, Second cup, Krispy Kreme, Pizza Hut, Teriyaki Boy/Sizzlin' Steak, Wingstop, Bestoon Samad, Bikanerwala restaurant, Happy Lemon, Jollibee, Denny’s, Din Tai Fung, and others, while coming soon to the Centre are Dampa Shrimp, Monkey Pizza and Ma'Alem Shawarma restaurants.

Exciting prizes coming your way. Spend Dh50 in any of the F&B outlets till April 15 and get a chance to win a GAC GS3 CAR as a mega prize and three months of Zomato Pro membership through Scratch and WIN. Visitors will also have the opportunity to win Dh500 every day. All you have to do is register on the Al Ghurair Centre Rewards APP, dine in any of the food outlets, take a picture of your food with the bill, upload it on your social platform and tag Al Ghurair Centre by commenting with the Al Ghurair Centre Rewards APP registered name to win Mall Gift vouchers.

So if you are thinking of embarking on an exciting culinary adventure, Dining District at Al Ghurair Centre has you covered.

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