Who better to tell you about the best beauty products and routines than your girlfriend next door? Image Credit: Thinkstock

Who better to tell you about the best beauty products and routines than your girlfriend next door? YouTube makes this a reality with girls sharing their make up tips and skin care routines with the world right from their homes. We bring you the top 10 beauty channels to watch out for this season. Comment and tell us about your favourite YouTube gurus.

1. Zoella

Zoe Sugg, a 25 year old blogger from the UK, is part of a growing YouTuber community which includes her elder brother and her boyfriend. Her content varies across beauty routines, product reviews and lifestyle vlogs. She is loved for her upbeat, honest and engaging presentation.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @ZozeeBo  | Facebook

2. Michelle Phan

Started on YouTube in 2007 with beauty and make up tutorials, her online presence and popularity has made her a beauty and business icon. She won the Inspiration Icon Award at the Streamy Awards 2014.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @MichellePhan | Facebook

3. Yuya

A Spanish vlogger, with a YouTube subscriber base of over a whopping 11 million and counting, Yuya has videos about all things beauty and fashion. Her creative tutorials are fun to watch and easy to do even if you don’t understand a word of Spanish.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @yuyacst | Facebook

4. Tanya Burr

Another beauty guru on YouTube, she creates elegant and classy celebrity-inspired make up tutorials. She posts easy to do cooking and baking videos as well. Tanya has done many popular product/brand shopping hauls which are most requested by young female YouTube viewers.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @beautytanyaburr | Facebook

5. Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey are 15-year-old twin sisters who create YouTube content based on beauty, school, hairstyles and family. They are daughters of Mindy McKnight who hosts the Cute Girls Hairstyles channel. Their channel has been included in the Emirates in-flight entertainment system, as announced in July, 2015.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @BrookAndBailey | Facebook

6. Cute Girls Hairstyles

Mindy McKnight, mother of six, started her blog for nothing more than documenting styles she tried on her daughters’ hair. The popular channel models her daughters and shows creative hairstyle tutorials, including Mindy’s own creations and modifications of existing hairstyles. This channel has also been included in the Emirates in-flight entertainment system as announced in July, 2015.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @CuteGirlHair | Facebook

7. Carli Bybel

Carli, a make-up artist, brings the glamour of Hollywood into your room through her beauty, fashion and skin care tutorials. She does tutorials with products from both high-end and drugstore ranges to cater to her varied audience.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @carlibybel | Facebook

8. Kandee Johnson

Celebrity inspired make-up is one dimension and looking exacting like one is another. Kandee Johnson gives you step by step tutorials on how to imitate make up styles of celebrities and look exactly like them through contouring and make-up illusions. Her fun commentary will ease you through the transition from her own face to Angeline Jolie’s or Barbie’s.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @kandeejohnson | Facebook

9. Bethany Mota

Bethany has a pleasing video presence, and her channel offers easy-to-do beauty and make-up tutorials, DIY ideas, and fashion videos. Her videos are high quality and popular largely because of her creative presentation. She has collaborated with Aeropostale for her own fashion line.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @BethanyMota | Facebook

10. Andrea’s Choice

Andrea has been on YouTube since 2008 and creates DIY, beauty, and fashion tutorials. Her make-up looks vary from simple everyday tutorials to specific make up ideas for various seasons and occasions.

YouTube channel  | Twitter @AndreasChoice | Facebook