Most women out there have a set of wardrobe basics that they swear by. Sometimes it’s skinny jeans, other times it’s a little black dress… you get it. Basics are the items that you wear every day to form the foundation of your looks. Here are five autumn wardrobe basics to add to your rotation. Each of these items are meant to be a styling piece that you can pair with autumn’s biggest trends.

1. A basic grey tee

Summers are all about the white T-shirt. So during autumn you can change things up a bit and wear a grey tee as a basic top. It works better with darker colours anyway. Just picture this… a pair of black leather pants, grey top and a leopard print statement piece.

Dh129 from Nike

2. Vintage jeans

Although most pieces in autumn should be getting darker, jeans can get lighter. Vintage-looking jeans are always a good way to go. They are wider in fit, a little more distressed and definitely more comfortable than the skinny variant. These Levis 501 Mid Rise Mom Jeans are just what we are talking about.

Dh320 from Namshi.ae

3. Strappy black pumps

Open toe shoes are so summer. These New Look Rue pumps work really well for autumn. They will go with anything and they aren’t sky-high, which means they should be comfortable enough to walk in.

Dh130 from New Look

4. A simple necklace

Keep it chic and simple with this Swarovski Attract Round necklace. I love pieces that are timeless and elegant — it makes it easy to mix and match with other jewellery. I have my eye on this particular piece.

Dh279 from Swarovski

5. A pair of aviators

There’s something magical about aviator shades; they look good on everyone and actually work in every season. The only changes you have to make is the colour of the lens. As we start to get into the next season, the colour should go towards an auburn, amber and brown hues. These Ray Ban aviator unisex sunglasses are perfect.

Dh299 from Wadi.com