Get into the habit of going to the barber often. Notice when your hair needs a trim Image Credit: Shutterstock

Perfecting your appearance is an art! A well-groomed look helps a person gain respect at the workplace by building up a positive impression. You improve the way you carry yourself and what other people think about you, which matters a lot.

This list will have you looking better than ever.

1. Visit the barber often

Get into the habit of going to the barber often. Notice when your hair needs a trim. While some men can settle for monthly appointments, your hair may still enjoy growth spurts and need frequent attention. It’s ideal to make triweekly, or even fortnightly visits.

2. Use good products

If you’ve thicker, unruly hair, experts say pomade and waxes are for you. The finer-headed should go for lighter products. Moreover, there’s stuff for everyone. Some research, in addition to some slight trial-and-error, will help you get the right kit for your hair.

3. Don’t neglect your beard

In recent years, beards have become a huge trend. However, it needs constant attention to not look untidy. Maintenance is essential, and a decent beard trimmer will keep unsightly neck hairs at bay, and give some semblance of care. They’re not that expensive, either.

4. Shave like an expert

If you’re for the clean shaven look then you need to know how to use the blade properly. Prepare your skin beforehand with a shave oil that’ll help the razor easily glide, while soaking the blades in warm water will help your pores expand, reducing redness and irritation. If it still feels like a chore, leave it to the experts.

5. Keep your trimmer in good condition

When you buy a beard trimmer, it comes with a bunch of attachments and accessories. In addition, aside from the charger and whichever guard you use, everything else starts collecting dust or is tossed in the trash. Don’t be so negligent — you’ll need that tube of oil and a tiny brush. If your trimmer is in bad shape, then get a new one.

World Barber Day will be held today. A global initiative in conjunction with UNICEF, the initiative encourages barbers to unite and raise funds to help protect and educate children all over the world.