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For the last 25 years, Dubai designer Furne, the man behind the Amato label, has been one of the shining lights of the UAE fashion scene.

From working with top Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, to being a fixture of fashion events, the designer, who’s popularly known by one name, is all set to add a little more sparkle to his already popular label. On April 28, he will unveil his first jewellery collection at the ongoing Arab Fashion Week.

All made in Dubai in partnership with Scandinavian jewellery brand Home of Eve, the 11-piece collection will pay homage to Amato, says Furne, who launched his fashion brand in 2002. He worked closely with Home of Eve founder Magdalena Chamoun, a jewellery designer and gemologist, for a year to put together the collection.

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“Furne’s vision and design are absolutely breathtaking. Jewellery is durable art and nobody knows art like art. When created with quality and craftsmanship, it will last forever,” says Chamoun.

Furne spoke to Gulf News tabloid! about the creative process behind his latest brand expansion, following the launch of his ready-to-wear line in 2016:

Why jewellery and why now?

Why not? I’d like to think that Amato Couture has been a part of the lives of the women of Dubai. I was lucky enough to be in the fashion business for 25 years and I wanted to commemorate that through this collection.

How long has this been in the making? When was the moment you decided you were going to go for it?

I’ve been wanting to design jewellery for years but since I was introduced to Home of Eve in 2017, we knew that this collaboration was a perfect fit and decided to start working immediately. Since it’s a very special project for all of us we took our time to make sure the design and the craftsmanship was perfect. I wanted to create something that defies trends, something that women will find beautiful throughout the years. An Amato creation that can live on from generation to generation.

Why did you pick Home of Eve?

When I choose to work with someone I always keep our chemistry in mind. I can sense our connection and understanding of each of our brands’ vision. Beside our instant connection we felt that Home of Eve had both the knowledge and experience we were looking for. Home of Eve has six years experience in this region making bespoke, high-end, fine jewellery both for private clients and companies. Magdalena understood my designs and knew how to transform them into technical drawings for production.

How long did the whole collection take to make?

From idea to actual completion, almost a year.

How closely did you work with Magdalena? Take us through the process.

We met two to three times to get to know each other and Magdalena would ask me questions about the type of collection I would like to make. She would give suggestions on a number of pieces and materials that we could use. I started by selecting a strong yet approachable concept and started sketching the designs.

After that, I spent some time alone creating my moodboard and that’s where I started forming the first pieces for my collection. After narrowing down hundreds of ideas, my team and I handed over the designs to the HoE team. When I presented my sketches and moodboard to Magdalena she would walk me through what we could improve and what materials would be perfect for these designs.

They studied and translated my designs to a more technical level and rendered them in 3D. After that she presented us with 3D models so we could see a more realistic view of the designs, every detail, every setting, solder and lock would be presented to ensure the quality and safety for these jewels. We discussed every detail of the production and came up with a prototype of every piece. Then one glorious day she walk into our showroom with them all and they were perfect.

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What is the price range?

Since there is a big variation in size from our rings to our big statement necklaces, the prices range from Dh1,500 to Dh60,000.

When will they be available?

Right after Arab Fashion week. These fine jewellery pieces are as couture as our dresses. They will be made to order for each client to make sure they fit every client perfectly.

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These fine jewellery pieces are as couture as our dresses, says Furne Image Credit: Supplied

Does the 11-piece collection match your latest fashion collection?

The current collection of jewellery is more of an homage to the house of Amato. It’s an embodiment of the brand’s essence. I wanted my first jewellery collection to stand on its own and be able to evoke my vision of glamour and opulence.

What are your future plans after this first collection?

First, I’d like to see how the audience would react. I’m dipping my toe in the water before I jump in. If the collection gets a positive reaction, I’d consider it as a green light for the next collection.

You have ready-to-wear and other brand expansions. What are other plans for the brand?

I am an interior design aficionado. I would love to explore designing home accessories and trinkets, maybe even furniture.