Though white gold and diamonds have forever been the norm, trends for the year point towards growing demand for yellow gold Image Credit: Pixabay

No matter what the trends are, every bride more or less attempts to fulfil the age-old rhyme of 'something old, something blue, something borrowed and something new'.

Guides spoke to Kanan Naheta, owner of Gehna Jewellery Boutique to understand what brides should look for, the current trends in the bridal jewellery industry and why buying your jewellery from the UAE might be the best thing to do.

1. Ethnic Vs. Modern

If you don’t want to break tradition, bend it. Jewellers and brides around the world now try to incorporate the old and the new into bespoke custom-made designs for their special day.

2. Vibrant colours with precious stones

White no longer dominates bridal jewellery with people choosing a pop of colour. The jewellery is worn to complement the colours of the wedding which include soft pastel shades of blue, rose, peach and lavender. Brides now look for pearls and exotic color stones to add colour to their wedding ensemble

Going with the above tip, Kanan says, “Some examples are Tsavorites, opals, multi-sapphires and multi-tourmalines, which while being cost-effective also bring great colours and an element of style into the wedding ensemble”.

3. Design it all

Kanan talks more about bridal jewellery styling: “We receive a lot of customers in our boutique who want to have their jewels personalised. We help them coordinate and select the precious stones, and advise them what works best. We put together the entire jewellery ensemble for the bride from scratch. This whole process ensures a unique touch to the bride’s ensemble and reveals her unique personality". 

Kanan further adds, “People do get inspired by the whole celebrity and red carpet culture, especially younger people. We look at ourselves as ‘mini celebrities’ and shop to recreate a similar look and mood".

4. Shades of gold

Though white gold has forever been the norm, especially for engagement rings with diamonds, trends for the year point towards growing demand for yellow gold. Bold yellow gold can make lower grade diamonds look less bright, but international jewellers say this is fast remedied using platinum settings and plain, polished gold.

"We’ve seen a lot of customers experiment with  gold colors, precious colour stones, different cuts in diamonds and coloured diamonds like brown, yellow or pink along with the conventional brilliant cut white diamonds as well", Kanan says.

5. Statement Pieces

The new trend is to go for a statement piece which is the highlight of the outfit. It could be a tiara or any other hair accessory, rings, asymmetrical neck pieces and cuffs which have bold designs, which brings the look together.

6. What first; dress or jewellery

Speaking from her fashion industry background, Kanan says, “I always advise my clients to choose their jewellery before buying the final outfit.”

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While it is imperative to have an idea of what you will wear along with options at hand, choosing jewellery can inspire you to add or reduce embellishments from your wedding outfit which you probably will never wear again. Your jewels are an investment for the future as well.

7. Why buy from the UAE

The standards and legal requirements imposed on retailers based in the UAE ensure that only the best products and services are given to the customers. The international consumer base also ensures a wider range of designs and styles which reflect the variety in buyers. Be sure to check gold, diamond and precious stones based on their jewel certificates and guarantee certificates before purchase.