The BurJuman International Millinery Exhibition 2017 has something for everyone. Image Credit: Supplied

With the Dubai World Cup just days away, it is time to plan the best outfits, and most importantly the best hats to keep up with the competition that will go down on race day. While wearing an outfit that is eclectic and unique is great, having all the elements compliment one other is of more importance. Here are some pro tips from leading milliners exhibiting their wares at the BurJuman International Millinery Exhibition 2017.

ITAM by King’s Signature by Kingsley Ita

Origin: Nigeria

Considered Nigeria’s millinery mogul, ITAM by King’s Signature exudes class, mild (and sometimes not so mild) drama and elegance. They have a varied selection of bridal pieces, hats, fascinators, pillboxes, turbans, hair accessories, pins and boxes. Making a statement is easy with this collection.

Tip from the milliner

“In the past, where I come from, women love to have their headpiece match their outfit. It’s referred to as ‘English dressing’ because the Queen of England dresses that way. Matching the headpiece and the outfit is an expensive way to dress, especially getting the same tones of colours to match.

“My advice: go for basic colours and avoid difficult colours which might be hard to get same tones to match the headpiece to the outfit. For this season, I advise using colours like blue, pink, green, nude, champagne and silver/grey.”

Liza Georgia Millinery

Origin: Australia

Melbourne-based Liza Georgia Millinery is known for its feminine and exuberant designs, infused with all things glamour. The designer has been in the top ten at the Design Style Stakes since 2011.

Tip from the milliner

Liza believes it is heads first always. “Choose a hat that suits you, [so] it will frame your face and show off your features. Wear it with confidence, have fun with it.”

Cynthia Jones-Bryson Millinery

Origin: Australia

A newcomer at the annual BurJuman exhibition, Cynthia Jones-Bryson is an award-winning milliner. Winner of the 2015 Emirates Melbourne Cup Millinery Award, her creations are statement pieces for women with a well-honed sense of style who use every occasion to express it.

Tip from the milliner

Go to a reputable milliner, get the right look and colour for your face type and get good advice on what’s trending.

Designs by Christiane

Origin: United Kingdom

With their eighth appearance at the BurJuman International Millinery Exhibition, Designs by Christiane is well-known to hat-aficionados and fashionistas in Dubai, The unique collection has been described as an explosive collection of feather hats and statement headpieces.

Tip from the milliner

“Choose a style and colour that compliments the outfit and the person wearing it. “

Marilena Romeo Millinery

Origin: Australia

Award-winning milliner Marilena Romeo has been creating wearable works of art for more than two decades. Seeing hats as a medium for eclectic and artistic styles, these designs will not go unnoticed on race day.

Tip from the milliner

“The Dubai World cup has always been a playing field for fashion and glamour and having a hat that compliments your outfit is very important. Not only does it represent the style of the lady wearing it, but it also represents the woman’s personality.

Be bold, be colourful and experiment with the colour palette. You don’t necessarily have to match the hat to the outfit, rather, match the hat to the accessories that you are wearing, for example, the shoes and bag.”

Don’t miss it

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