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Hisense Pure Flat Smart refrigerator series is designed to meet even the most demanding users. It is an amalgamation of premium and smart bringing incredible functionality to your modern kitchen. This smart refrigerator offers you everything from meal planning to entertainment through its powerful interface and large touchscreen. It features smart connectivity that lets you control your refrigerator anywhere anytime like adjusting its temperature from your phone. It helps you sort your grocery list, effortlessly manage your food inventory with a reminder on your phone and notifies you when your food is expiring to minimise food wastage. This smart series also supplies you with endless customised recipes, consisting of more than 150 easy-to-try recipes.

This refrigerator brings fun to the kitchen with features like voice control, and is turned into a big canvas for notes and drawings on your big touch screen. It has Bluetooth functionality, and just like any other screen you can mirror your mobile on this big touchscreen. While cooking you don’t have to miss out on your favourite game or daily series.

Along with smart as a feature, the refrigerator is perfect fit for modern kitchen, brings chic appearance with flat door design, recessed handles, and high-quality materials. Thanks to the fresh choice feature, you can easily maintain a perfect environment for your food inside the refrigerator efficiently prolonging its freshness and taste. Most importantly, it comes with an antibacterial guard making it cleaner and healthier to use, eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria.