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Planning a trip to the world’s greatest show? Realising the need to fuel up while exploring the site, Krita Coelho presents a guide on everything you need to know about keeping yourself satiated on the go.

If you have decided to visit the Expo 2020 Dubai, you must’ve already heard about all those incredible experiences people have had at the spectacular country pavilions. Well, it takes quite a long walk to explore what every nation has to offer, but we tell you it was worth our time and effort. All we needed to do was fuel ourselves before taking off, and also during our Expo 2020 adventure.

As every expedition of such magnanimous proportions can leave you famished, we relied on talabat Kitchen to come to our rescue. Here's our experience which also serves as an easy guide to get you ordering!

1. Find talabat Kitchen first!

The place is extremely easy to find. Located at the Jubilee Park in the Sustainability District, the talabat Kitchen is spread over two floors. We were spoilt for choice with over 30 brands and 15 different types of cuisines, as well as a robot barista and confectioner that served us delicious ice cream. The vibrant colours and the sitting arrangement is invitingly refreshing. The perks, you ask? If you’re planning on attending a concert or a show at the Jubilee Park, you can easily drop by to place your orders - there is something for everyone!

2. Enjoy your meal inside

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The ambience was irresistible, so we decided to sit in and order breakfast, and it was ready in minutes. All we had to do was use the ordering screens available on both floors, or through the talabat application, to place the order. Our meals were delivered via a conveyor belt on the ground floor, and on hanging belts on the first floor. There were delicacies from across the region, ranging from popular international cuisine, Arabic dishes such as shawarmas and mezzes, to vegan and healthy options. Some of the brands are Kababji, Sushi Art, Tortilla, Manoushe Street, Alien Burger, Bar Salata, Pinza, Pink Mango, Poke Poke, Aseer Time, Freez and IHOP.

3. Smart lockers for contactless pick up

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Ever imagined being able to pick up orders through smart lockers? Contactless pick up options are available at the talabat Kitchen with the smart 3D locker system and they’re easy to use. Simply place the order on the talabat app or through the ordering screen, once the order is ready, you will be notified if it is being delivered through the smart locker, which can be unlocked by scanning the unique in-app QR code on the screen. These smart lockers are also available for all talabat Mart store orders, where we were able to get basic grocery necessities from at the talabat Kitchen such as chips and water.

4. How about a Selfieccino?

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If you think you've explored every possible aspect of selfies, think again. We had never heard of a Selfieccino, but the robotic barista at the talabat Kitchen treated us to one — that too in style! It combined two of our favourite past times — drinking coffee and taking selfies by clicking our pictures and creating our faces on the coffee. The Selfieccino let us gaze adoringly at our own faces while we sipped our favourite warm beverage at leisure.

5. Order and get it delivered

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Worried about having to walk all the way back for dinner? No need to worry! We could order and get our food delivered to the talabat grab & go kiosk closest to us. A talabat attendant was available to guide us on how to use the talabat mobile app to order to the kiosk we were at. Visitors can also place their order directly through the ordering screens at the kiosk itself and receive the order to the same location. One tip- make sure you use the right kiosk number that is printed on the kiosk or ask the attendant to support you. Orders are delivered to the kiosks via “tala-bots” or by talabat riders on e-scooters.

6. tala-bots at your service!

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When it comes to delivery, the unimaginable “tala-bots' ' were also on-site to deliver food to us. We were astonished as to how they use the latest technology to integrate an in-depth programmed map of the Expo 2020 Dubai site so that they navigate through the enormous area easily. They also have password-secured large compartments to protect our food during delivery to one of the grab & go kiosks and are fully integrated into talabat's app and the Terminus’s robot management system. We finally unlocked the compartment to receive our order from the “tala-bot” by running the QR code on the screen of the robot to receive our order and just like that, our order was delivered to us!

7. Pick your order from any of the 8 grab & go kiosks

Image Credit: talabat

The kiosks are easy to notice and find so it is not at all difficult to spot them while you’re strolling at Expo 2020 Dubai or you can simply check the Expo 2020 app or talabat app to locate the kiosk closest to you. We saw talabat e-riders deliver meals to fixed locations throughout the Expo 2020 site using safe, and sustainably responsible e-scooters. The zero-emission e-scooters dispatch orders from the talabat Kitchen to strategically located grab & go kiosks. The e-scooters are equipped with advanced safety measures and the riders are well-trained to deliver orders.