No coverage at home

I have been an etisalat user ever since I can remember. In July 2015, I filed a complaint for poor coverage/no coverage in my building. Since then, my neighbour who subscribes to another telecommunications company, has had his issue fixed. They came and installed boosters for free and resolved the issue thereafter. Yet, etisalat has done all it can, by calling me a grand total of zero times. I am not able to use my phone when I am home.

I pay my bill on time. If I were to delay it by six months, would etisalat find this acceptable? I have visited their outlets to file a complaint several times. I have called their call centre six times in the last 10 days. Sometimes, I just get tired so I don’t bother calling. I spoke with two supervisors at the contact centre last week and yet, there has been no resolution or call.

The contact centre staff said they cannot do much, other than highlight the issue. I asked for a service credit for all the inconvenience, as I know etisalat might not give me at least a courtesy follow up. I was told that this would be investigated.

Let me ask etisalat this question again: what if I did not pay my bill for six months?

Thank you, Gulf News, for highlighting my frustration.

From Mr Shannon Quadros


The management of Etisalat responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Quadros’ concerns to our attention. Our service and technical team have contacted the customer to resolve the issue. A cell device was installed within the client premises, improving the mobile coverage signals within the designated area. We would like to inform Gulf News that this matter has been closed.

Mr Quadros responds:

Yes, a representative from etisalat did come by and install the device.

(Process initiation: January 21. Response from organisation: February 8. Reader confirmation: February 28.)

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