31AUGUST2014 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL AFTER SUMMER BREAK-FOR NEWS Malak Sayyid , Ahmed Nasser, with other Students of Grade I at Mubarak Bin Mohammad School at Buteen in Abu Dhabi, at their classroom on the 1st day yesterday after their break. Photo: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News Image Credit:

What you need to know:

  • Schools should teach children and create a good foundation for learning.

The Burj Khalifa, the Empire State Building, the Shanghai Tower and all other prominent skyscrapers ascent through the sky for one fundamental reason; their powerful and well-developed base.

The education system, in my opinion, should be an architecture of such ascension. Similar to how engineers solidify the base of the building with a compact application to ensure a sky-grazing closure, the educational system’s fundamental base should also follow identical principles of applied and habitual inculcation, which should be focused on helping the youth to learn the core concepts.

However, in recent times, a seismic shift in educational patterns have left the future of countless students at academic crossroads as our current educational system in schools sees students entail in rote learning with an emphasis on marks. Instead of understanding and pursuing knowledge through intellectual platforms, students are forced to grind out information for the sake of college and financial supremacy.

Moreover, I believe that this educational approach has also failed in liberating lives. Though it may result in college admissions and a degree, it won’t lead to an intellectual and rational liberalisation.

Students and graduates of today will work and live always trying to achieve perfectionism and compete with colleagues in excessiveness. These are the two problems that the educational system creates. However, I believe that instead of striving for perfectionism, and competition, the education system should make students understand the scope of vulnerability and the ideology of co-operation, as these qualities are the true bearers of the future and will undoubtedly help in bolstering one’s economic and social progress.

The value of a substantial educational system is important as it determines the work culture. Young adults eventually enter the work culture and bring their skills with them. Consequently, the knowledge obtained through education should focus on the preservation of intellectual creativity over simple rote learning.

The system should nurture human beings to develop character and problem-solving skills which will help them identify their purposes in the environment. Conclusively, it is claimed that God has sent each one of us to identify and fulfil our purpose; however, I believe that only when we recognise the flaws of our education system and implement change, can we fulfil our purpose through self-actualisation, which is the ultimate goal of life.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai.