Khaleeji Mix: The Sound Of The Gulf
Various Artistes

Khaleeji Mix puts together songs from the Gulf region and a couple of Iraqi songs under the title The Sound Of The Gulf.

The album begins with a very popular song of Assala, perhaps one of her best – Raweh We Rouh. Composed by Emirati Fayez Al Saeed, it features Assala at the top of her vocal capabilities. The singer, who is well–known for her vocal pirouettes, takes it to the extreme in this song, leaving listeners wondering how she does it.

Another highlight is Emirati singer Aidha Al Minhali's popular song Mahma Jara, which became an instant hit when it was released in 2002. Diana Haddad also makes an appearance in the album with the song Hassafa.

Other songs worth a mention are a folk song sung at weddings by Sabbouha and two songs from Emirati singers, one titled Zamani by Fatima and the other titled Marmarisa by Yasser Habib. However, the two Iraqi songs – Dumni Ala Sadrak, written, composed and sung by Kazim Al Saher and Shal Shal Alay Al Zaman, a famous Iraqi folk song by Elham Al Midfai – seem a bit out of place in the album.

Though the 13 songs featured are not new (some even go back as far as 2000) and not all are from the Gulf, many of them are still popular, making the album worth a buy.

FashionTV Arabia Fall-Winter 06-07
Guy Manoukian

One of the two-disc set features what is described as calming and relaxing music, while the other has a set of upbeat tunes. But it is hard to tell which is which. Both discs contain dance music with titles such as Beirut Sunset, Babylon Lost, Doha Dreams, Harem Confessions, Casablanca Noire and Whispers of Riyadh – only some are louder than the others. However, it's more interesting and of better quality than other remix albums out in the market.

Yalla Dance 2
Various artistes

The album claims it has Arabia's hottest dance floor tunes. But we prefer to disagree. It contains Arabic and English remixes, with techno rhymes, loud panting, and lots of oohs and aahs. The only notable exceptions are 1001 Nights by DJ Said Mrad and Inta Omri 2007 by Elie Atieh.

Mille et 2 nuits
Elie Attieh
Lebanese DJ Elie Attieh's remix of oriental music looks tempting with its appealing cover and the promise of great dance numbers. He has taken popular songs from singers such as Um Kulthum, Warda, Fairuz, Faird Al Atrash and George Wassuf and added rhythm to make them dance material. Though the experienced Attieh has tried to breathe life into well-known and perhaps even exhausted music, he has ended up creating more of the same.