Arabian Farms
Dr Suheel Ahmed, CEO — Holding, Arabian Farms Investment Image Credit: Supplied

Four decades ago, Jeddah-based corporate houses Sedco Holding and Bugshan Investments joined hands to establish Arabian Farms with a vision to produce fresh, local, safe and quality table eggs. Here Dr Suheel Ahmed, CEO — Holding, Arabian Farms Investment, discusses the company’s product expansion strategy and what makes its flagship brand, SAHA Eggs, stand out on store shelves.

Can you tell us about Arabian Farms and its key products?

Over the years, SAHA Eggs has earned its distinct position as a brand that offers a wide variety of locally produced, fresh, good quality, premium eggs with consistent taste. Arabian Farms is the first and only producers of pasteurised shell eggs in the GCC using a unique Korean and US-patented technology.

Our extremely efficient distribution network and service levels have also placed us in the most preferred suppliers list of all major retail chains in the country. We are also one of the early stand-alone poultry companies in the UAE to adopt digitisation in various operations and promote control and transparency as part of our corporate governance initiatives.

How has your business been in the first half of this year? What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Eggs being on the list of essential food commodities, we are fortunate to have fared better than most other businesses in Dubai. However, we still had to face challenges in managing our human resources and supply chains apart from navigating the hurdles in digitisation in the new scenario.

For the rest of the year, our plan is to adapt quickly to the new normal and be agile in making changes as we face them.

What new products have you recently introduced? Do you have any plan to launch anything new in the second half of this year?

We have recently introduced two products in the premium range — SAHA Lutein Enriched Eggs and SAHA Organic Eggs. Both the products are well received by the consumers. We have plans to introduce liquid eggs for our institutional customers in the next six months.

We are also looking at launching our new company Arabian Farms Development in Al Ain to produce SAHA brand of chicken.

 How do you enhance food safety standards of your products?

Poultry industry has always been at the forefront in adopting strict biosecurity measures and proper vaccination techniques to overcome viral challenges.

The new scenario has only made our resolve stronger to protect the health and well-being of our valuable customers. All our chickens are grown in controlled and protected environment with tender loving care. All the eggs produced in our farms are graded and packed by highly advanced automatic machinery, without even touching the eggs with hands. With the outbreak of Covid-19, we have also placed sanitisation tunnels in our facility for our workers and visitors.

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