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Every parent reflects on their life and how rapidly the world has changed; these thoughts trickle into their reflections about what their children’s lives will be like. Perennial questions come to mind about where the kids will go to college, what type of careers they will engage in, how to prepare children to be resilient, and how to set them up for success. Schools need to be progressive, adaptable, and bold in their initiatives and help children and their families achieve their dreams and aspirations.

STREAM learning

Al Yasat Private School’s programme design embeds core learning to help students gradually gain the knowledge, skills, and habits that will enable them to succeed. The Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STREAM) programmes are designed to help students move through a sequence of learning experiences that focuses on application in the real world. Over the last few years, we have deployed a coding and engineering programme starting at kindergarten. Kindergarten students use iPads to sequence events and create programmes to help characters move and interact in the digital world. These skills help them develop other core skills that develop their thinking abilities.

The educational journey continues into elementary, students’ skills progress and move into using augmented reality applications to learn and explore reading and science skills. In classrooms students use technology to virtually dissect plants and animals and learn about the world around them. During their coding and engineering times, students move into a specially designed MakerSpace filled with a wide variety of mechanical objects that they use to build windmills, electric cars and so much more. Such activities stimulate students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills enabling them to acquire 21st century skills.

The journey continues into secondary schooling with students moving on to design and technology electives that introduce them to digital design, 3D printing, advanced coding techniques, robotics, artificial intelligence applications and so much more. Students at the school have competed in national and international competitions demonstrating their innovation and creativity. These types of experiences empower and enable students to interact with peers and professionals that stimulate confidence and ambition.

Electric drive

Real-life experiences build students confidence and character. Our students have competed in a number of competitions through the support of our dedicated team of teachers, counsellors, and administrators. Most recently, Al Yasat students participated in the Electric Vehicle Grand Prix. Students competed internationally with schools from around the world to design and race an electric car. It was an exciting endeavour for all our students as they learned about balancing weight in the car, voltage, power transfer, design, and other dimensions of the vehicles that will power us into the future.

For the final race all the cars were gathered on a racetrack at Hudayriat Island, and in the end Al Yasat students took home the Technical Innovation Award. These achievements were celebrated at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre during the Electronic Vehicle Innovation Summit held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Teacher dedication and student achievement go hand-in-hand. In order to promote student success, Al Yasat teachers partnered with Intel in the Intel-Skill of Innovation programme. The programme trained teachers on how to integrate technology and 21st century skills across the curriculum. The implementation of the programme and its success in the school led to Al Yasat becoming the first school in the UAE being featured in the Intel Business platform. Such innovation and creativity extends into the school’s robotics programme in collaboration with educational partners in the UAE. Each of these experiences build on students’ knowledge and capabilities preparing them for college and careers beyond the boundaries of school.

Dr Asif Ilyas Padela

College and career readiness

Supporting students with their college and career goals, requires a committed team to ensure that students have consistent feedback and guidance to achieve their dreams. A dedicated team helps students with the course selection process to ensure they are exposed to prerequisite skills through College Board pre-college level courses. These are followed by university level Advanced Placement courses that extend students and prepare them for higher levels of education. Every child has the opportunity to engage in and explore their talents and interests. The 100 per cent graduation results are complemented by university admission in prominent universities in the UAE and internationally. This year, Al Yasat graduates will be starting their international educational journey in Germany, Canada, and the United States of America. In addition to a number of students joining prestigious local universities such as Sorbonne University and New York University of Abu Dhabi.

The educational journey begins with innovative learning experiences starting from the early years programme and extending into students’ high school electives and university level courses. This coupled with exposure to national and international competitions provides opportunities for students to apply their learning to the real world and build their self-confidence, which ultimately culminates in their journey into universities. In summary, that is the Al Yasat journey.

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By Dr Asif Ilyas Padela, Executive Principal