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When it comes to wearing and storing perfumes, there are a few things that everyone should know. These will help you get the most out of them

1. Perfumes are very individualistic

They choose you rather than you choosing them. Every skin has a different pH value and what smells nice on your friend might not smell nice on you. Perfume reacts with natural oils of the skin and each skin reacts differently. Don’t be shy of experimenting what works for you.

2. Know your pulse points

Apply your scent on the nape, décolletage, wrists, behind the ears and ankles. A spritz of perfume on your belly might seem risqué but can be actually pulled off.

3. Variety is the spice of life

Build a scent wardrobe. No one wears the same make-up or same clothes and eat the same food every day, so why smell the same? Up your game every day by using different scents depending on the weather or occasion. Don’t be sacred to let your mood lead your perfume choice. Build a scent wardrobe that suits you. From power perfumes that spell your work style to soft romantics to the edgy ones that bring out your fun side, perfumes are a girl’s secret weapon that can define you. Take your cue from Cleopatra on how powerful a perfume can be.

4. The mist cloud is a myth

The best way of using a fragrance is to spritz it on sparingly. Walking through a mist cloud as per ancient folklore is a waste of perfume. Perfume clouds are just a myth. Dump the myths.

5. Know your perfumes

The world of oriental perfumes is complex and mysterious: incense, fragrance oils, sprays, etc. The composition of most oriental fragrances is non-linear and the perfume undulates through various notes. Even individual notes like oud are structurally complex and an oud oil is a journey through various manifestations until the perfume finally blooms to a finale.

6. Layer it to love it

The ritual of layering is unique to the Middle East. Smoke from incense, fragrance oils and sprays are layered on top of each other to create those trails of perfume that leave you intrigued and intoxicated as men and women pass by you. Learn which combinations work for your skin.

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7. Moisturised skin holds the perfume for a longer time

Fragrance evaporates faster from dry skin than from a well-moisturised skin as it has something to hold on to. Use an unscented moisturiser every time before using your favourite perfume and continue smelling good throughout the day.

8. Never rub the perfume on to the skin

We often see people rub their wrists together once they spray the perfume. This practice must be avoided as the friction between the wrists may damage the perfume molecules and changes its real fragrance.

9. Let the perfume settle down

The top notes of the sprays are usually alcoholic and will wear off in 10 minutes or so. Don’t be deceived by the top notes. Let the perfume settle in to reveal its true scent.

10. Go for fragrance oils

No spray perfume can replicate the mystique, richness and lush intoxicating bloom of a perfume oil. It spells confidence from the word go and you are ready for that special date.

11. Perfumes do have an expiry date

Yes, like everything else perfumes have an expiry date. Be aware of the expiry dates.

12. Do not store your perfumes in the washroom

Moisture spoils the fragrance. Store in a dry place away from sunlight.

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