An attendee shows off an iPhone X at an event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California in September. Apple unveiled its most important new iPhone for years to take on Samsung and other competitors. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Who isn’t excited about getting their hands on the new iPhone. It is splash proof, water proof and dust proof with a super retina HD display, dual optical image stabilization and has a front camera with Apple's famous portrait lighting feature.

Oh, yes and it's quite costly at Dh4,099. To put that price tag into perspective, we listed 10 things you can buy instead.

1,210 kilos of jasmine rice

Price: Dh17 per sack of 5 kilos

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The average person consumes an average of 6.5 kilos of rice per month. That’s a month’s supply of rice for 186 people.

2 budget travel trips

Price: Starts at Dh1,150 for three nights stay package to Armenia, Maldives or Georgia

Invest in experiences and take photos that will last you a lifetime. Other budget locations you can try are Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan or Russia, Bali, or Cambodia.

6,576 medium-size baby diapers

Price: Dh170 per pack of 274

An average number of diaper changes per day is five. This means you can change your baby’s diapers 5 times a day for 390 days.

108 movie tickets

Price: Dh76 for two movie tickets

Either you watch alone or treat someone to a movie night out, you’ll have enough movie tickets to watch over a 100 new releases in one year.

13 months of 10 Mbps internet

Price: 10 Mbps internet speed for Dh299 a month

If you're renting your own apartment, this is definitely a wiser option than a pricey phone. A 10Mbps internet speed is enough for two members of the household.

249 cups of cappuccino in a pricey Dubai district

Price: A cappuccino bought in Dubai costs an average of Dh16.46

Use that money to buy yourself 249 cups of coffee ( a cappuccino to be exact) for the same price as an iPhone X. Or get yourself 4099 cups of chai for Dh1 per cup.

1 Month rent in a 400 sq.ft. studio apartment

Price: Average of Dh4,281 per month

If you're renting a regular studio apartment alone in the city, chances are you need you to blow one month's rent money just to get a new iPhone X.

19 buffet dinners at a fancy hotel

Price: Dh215 per head at an exclusive five-star hotel restaurant at Palm Jumeirah

For 19 evenings, you can enjoy an appetising dinner including appetisers, main courses and desserts in a luxurious setting. 

11 months worth of 30-day Nol card pass

Price: Dh350 30-day pass for three zones or more

Each metro card can be used in all public transport in Dubai for a month.

525 dozens of eggs

Price: Dh7.80 per dozen of large premium eggs

This is a total of 6,336 large eggs. That's a lot of protein.