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Barretto sisters' rift deepens

Now it’s Marjorie vs Gretchen

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Gretchen Barretto.

The never-ending saga of the rift among the Barretto sisters, Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine, has taken an interesting turn. Before, it was Gretchen and Marjorie versus Claudine.

Apparently, there is now a silent war going on between Marjorie and Gretchen, and the former has been subtly reaching out to Claudine hoping to get an ally in the fight against the eldest of the Barretto sisters.

The shifting alliances apparently began when Gretchen praised rising teen star Liza Soberano on social media for her beauty and acting talent, which did not sit well with Marjorie because the teen celeb is a rival of her daughter, Julia.

No acerbic exchanges have happened so far, but fireworks are expected given the sisters’ propensity for washing their dirty linen in public.