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Apple watch: A smart and useful travel accessory

Take it from the travel and tech experts, Apple watch might just be the best travel accessory

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Having only owned a Fitbit (in the category of smart wrist devices), and being generally wary of anything that's too smart - all I was looking forward to was telling time and using the highly reviewed fitness tracker. Having used the watch for quite a while now, I have come to love it.

As someone who likes to walk around with free hands, and travel light, let me tell you why I think an Apple Watch (especially if you're an iPhone user) is amazing to use as a travel accessory.

1. Free hands


Have you seen those people in front of you in security checks at airports, holding up lines as they disentangle themselves from headset wires, phone in hand (which clatters to the floor) removing a metal embedded belt and a hair clip with the other - you get the picture? Well, that sounds like me. 

My favourite thing about the Apple Watch is that I can still answer calls, listen to music and get notifications without having to carry my phone around. Or be afraid of the tiny gap between the train and the platform on the metro, that looks as if it was made for my nice phone. Do I need to go on?

2. Almost as good as your phone

With almost exactly the same apps as you have in your phone and the possibility of downloading more, the watch can replace your phone 80 per cent of the time you use it. Boarding passes, phone calls, music, emails, workouts and more, right on your wrist.

3. Safe trips and safe phone

While on backpacking trips or even strolls down certain roads, I do get worried that my phone is prone to getting lost, breaking or being stolen. As long as my Bluetooth is on, I can throw my phone in my bag for safe-keeping and use my watch for calls and more. This also helps if you're lugging around heavy and expensive camera equipment.

4. Stay connected (almost)


I want to stay connected but also not stay connected. I don't want to drop off the face of the earth virtually; I still want to call people, receive texts, and updates but I don't want to hang on to my Facebook feed or get pinged by work emails. The Apple watch helps you do just that - you can switch off notifications for some apps (I switched WhatsApp and emails off the first day itself). 

5. Water splashes

Accidental splashes happen to the best of us and the best part about the watch is that it is not only water-proof (there is a setting you can use for when you swimming or in places where splashing is a possibility), it has a way of expelling water in case any gets in. You just turn the knob clock-wise until a beep sound starts. The vibrations and frequency of these beeps expel any water that might have seeped in.

6. Navigation

The Apple watch navigation system can not only record your favourite walking or jogging locations, it can direct you with its mini maps app. Never get lost in a city you're new to. 


Battery life

The only thing I wish would change is how I have to frequently charge it up. The battery lasts all-day only when I am using just the fitness tracker, and that too without syncing to my phone. Carry your charger with you wherever you go and you're all set.