Uncle Fluffy
Uncle Fluffy Image Credit: Supplied/Uncle Fluffy

Japanese cheesecake is a dessert that has recently gained countless fan followers across the globe. And Uncle Fluffy is the top spot in the UAE that makes them. The bakery attracts long lines of people for its mouth melting, delightful and pillowy soft cheesecakes. It is the best Japanese cheesecake in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

This cheesecake is so good and so popular, that they have a ‘one cake per person’ policy! It’s only fair after all. And that way everyone gets the chance to have one.

Uncle Fluffy
Uncle Fluffy Image Credit: Supplied/Uncle Fluffy

In essence, Uncle Fluffy is famous for serving freshly baked, super-light and moist Japanese-style cheesecakes among other treats including Japanese Cheese Tarts in plain and chocolate flavor. But of course, the hero dish is the global phenomenon that is the Uncle Fluffy Japanese cheese cake.

Uncle Fluffy
Uncle Fluffy Image Credit: Supplied/Uncle Fluffy

It’s got this tan brown colour, jiggly movement when you shake it and oh my god, the consistency and the flavour is beyond!

A little history lesson

Uncle Fluffy’s cheesecakes have actually been around for decades. The unique spongy cake originated in Hakada, Japan in 1948 and was created by the local people of that city. Every ingredient is mixed and baked in a top secret process, which means no one else makes ‘em like Uncle Fluffy does.

It’s why Uncle Fluffy has successfully grown to have seven branches across both Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as online delivery. Who knows? It may be where your next birthday cake is coming from!

Uncle Fluffy6
Uncle Fluffy Image Credit: Supplied/Uncle Fluffy

Uncle Fluffy also has ambitious plans to bring Japanese Cheesecakes to a worldwide level by expanding outside of the UAE, to the rest of the Middle East and Europe. Their goals are to grow in the market and introduce exciting and affordable franchise opportunities globally.

But wait…what makes this cheesecake so different?

Uncle Fluffy
Uncle Fluffy Image Credit: Supplied/Uncle Fluffy

First of all, just look at it! It’s just so unique and different. Moreover, unlike the standard cheesecake, Japanese cheesecake has fewer calories and a controlled amount of sweetness, which means that it’s not syrupy or sugary - It tastes just right.

The reason behind this sponge cake’s fluffiness, flavor and a scent that has people lining up around the block, is the fact that Uncle Fluffy has an ancient recipe and is made with literally the best ingredients (like decadent cream cheese, premium butter, and the finest farm-fresh eggs). Baking this cheese cake is almost an art. It needs the exact right ingredients, procedure, and finishing.

Think about it! What other cake shop in this country has a recipe that is basically older than the UAE itself?

Locations Dubai: Ibn Battuta Mall, Dragon Mart, Alghurair Center, Dubai Marina Mall, Alwahda Mall, Abu Dhabi: Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi Marina Mall

Cost Dh18 for a regular cheesecake, Dh65 for a medium cheesecake, Dh115 for a large cheesecake, Dh15 for the cheese and choco tart

Contact: 058 9955802 for home delivery

Check out their website www.unclefluffybakery.com and try this awesome Japanese Cheesecake today.

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Or get in touch with their CEO directly Alaa Mohra 050 8800842 alaa@unclefluffybakery.com