Sugar Daddy's Bakery. Image Credit: Supplied

If you are like me, with a serious sweet tooth always on the lookout for new places that serve desserts, here's one to add to your list: Sugar Daddy's Bakery now has a new branch in the capital.

They are located on the Corniche, and while I was surprised to see just how small their branch was, my attention soon turned to the fluffy, multi-coloured concoctions sitting innocently behind refrigerated glass.

The cupcakes, all made from scratch, come in such a wide variety that they make you wonder if it is a good idea to just take them all, or to try them in small doses.

The same flavours loved by patrons of Sugar Daddy's main store in Dubai are also available here, such as Chocoholics Anonymous, Scent of a Woman, and, of course, their signature Red Velvet cupcake. After just one bite, I felt the cupcake, icing and all, just melt in my mouth.

While they were smaller than I remember, maybe another effect of the financial crisis, that still didn't take away from their charm.

It just comes in smaller doses now it seems, but no Abu Dhabi-themed cupcake — not yet, anyway (hint, hint!).

Get yours

Visit Sugar Daddy's bakery on Corniche Road, Beach Area 1, Kiosk 1 or online at www.sugardaddysbakery.com Call 050-1829075.