Dubai Mall Fountains
File image: Dubai Mall Fountains dancing during the night time Image Credit: GN

Dubai: For the long Eid weekend, UAE residents and visitors can enjoy a brand new Burj Khalifa light show as well as a new Dubai Fountain show.

The ‘never-seen-before’ shows will be perfectly choreographed to LED and will light up the Downtown Dubai skyline. Additionally, the special show will be set to an incredible show at Dubai Fountain- taking place every night of the Eid long weekend, starting at 8pm.

So as to enable all visitors to enjoy the new shows, the ones at Dubai Fountain will also run at extra timings during the long weekend.

Visitors to Downtown Dubai can catch Fountain Shows at 2pm-5pm in the afternoon, with shows running every hour and late afternoon and evening shows will run from 6pm -11pm with one show every 30 minutes.