Dubai Run 30x30
Thousands took part in Dubai Run 30x30 held last year. The year, the run will be held on November 27 across the city. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News/archive

What is the Dubai Run?

The Dubai Run brings an all-inclusive running experience to the city streets. Whatever your level of fitness, just make sure you’re warmed up, hydrated and ready to run.

This run takes place on Friday, November 27.

How long is the run?

Participants can choose their preferred distance and access a free coaching programme to get ready for the event. Options include a 2km, a 5km or a 10km run.

Where is the run taking place?

This year, the Dubai Run presented by Mai Dubai will not be limited to a specific venue, but will instead see the entire city be transformed into a personalised running track. Participants will be able to walk, run and jog from wherever they wish – from their own community, neighbourhood or favourite park.

What time is the run taking place?

You can even run when you want, throughout the day! To help participants gear up, they can access a free 28-day virtual training programme where they will get support from some of the region's leading coaches.

How do I register?

Register on the Dubai Fitness Challenge website anytime between now and November 27 .

This will take a few minutes for you to enter your details so they can send you all of the Dubai Run and Training Programme information.

Can I train for the race?

Yes. You can train on your own, or have virtual sessions with a coach. Once you register, you can select your distance and your preferred professional coach. Attend online sessions, follow a detailed training guide and get fit.