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Dubai: If you’ve run out of things to keep your kids entertained during the home-schooling period, just stack some paper and refill your printer ink. You’ll also need some stationary supplies. Use online platforms to print artwork, photos and myriad of entertainment and literacy content

Put your printer to work and create some arts and crafts that can keep your kids engaged for at least an hour or so. We know you need it.

HP’s offers a variety of free printable material like Ramadan and Eid cards, puzzles, coloring artwork, finger puppets, masks etc. that your kids could turn into fun that never runs out!

They’ve collaborated with education leaders to create Print, Play and Learn, a platform that provides hundreds of printable activities to families learning from home. Puzzles have many advantages on your child’s development. It is a good way to spend some time and is a fantastic learning tool.

Print out eye-catching Ramadan or Eid cards

Gifting and sending out wishing cards are common activities among Muslim cultures during Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. It signifies generosity and giving spirit among people during this holy time. Get creative and surprise your loved ones by printing out templates and letting the kids fill them in.

Mind stimulating puzzles

Getting your hands on puzzles these days is extra difficult, but they help develop your kids’ concentration ability, shape recognition, spatial awareness, problem solving skills and many other crucial life skills. At first, it could be tough to watch your kids jam the pieces into one another, but with time, they’ll become smarter and ready to move to more complex pieces. Print out puzzles, cut them up into little pieces, then give to your children to try and put together. 

Masks and finger puppets

Creating masks and finger puppets stimulates your child’s brain in an incredible way. It targets the brain’s frontal and occipital lobe which are responsible for creativity and imagination. Simply print your favorite animals and whimsical characters and use a cutter to form them into masks and finger puppet designs.

Math problems

Addition and subtraction are fundamental processes used by children on daily basis. Furthermore, problem solving is an important life skill that enables your child to make better decisions for themselves. You can use hp’s Print, Play and Learn platform to print out engaging artwork that present various mathematical problems for kids from all age groups.

Just simple colouring

This is a simple activity that helps children develop hand-eye  coordination skills, improves motor skills and includesa lot of fun. There are plenty of coloring artworks that you can get from the platform to keep your kids busy for hours on end. HP Print, Play and Learn gives you so many free options available for all age groups.

The process is pretty straightforward. Download the hp Smart App then explore a variety of options across different age groups.